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USC received a visit this week from offensive lineman Bernard Schirmer, who last played at Mt. San Antonio College.

Schirmer made headlines in 2016 when he appeared to strike a referee during a game against Ventura College. Schirmer was arrested after the game and banned five years by the Southern California Football Association.

But Schirmer was never charged by the Ventura County district attorney’s office because investigators were not sure they could convince jurors the contact was made intentionally and on purpose.

Schirmer said he often attempted to calm himself down by hitting himself on the helmet and accidentally hit the referee. You can see video of the incident here.

It does not appear as though he played last season and would presumably have two years of eligibility remaining.

In February, he reportedly committed to Utah. But in May he tweeted that he received an offer from USC.

Schirmer (6-foot-6, 290 pounds) graduated from Lakewood High School in 2015.


16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz

  1. Does the young man want an education? I saw the story when it first appeared and wondered if much of it was overblown.
    When I taught at California Military Institute, our 8 man team was tops. One of our players reached into a pile of players to help the ball carrier up. As he did he saw a hand come in from the side and swatted it away. The hand was the ref’s hand and our player was ejected. He also had to sit out the next game and didn’t play again all because he didn’t see who was reaching in next to him.
    CMI plays 11 man football now and I teach somewhere else, but I have never forgotten how something so stupid could ruin a player.

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    1. Whatever the kid was REALLY thinking, I reserve the right not to want him punished for the rest of his life….and, for those who are worried he’ll be routinely face planting Pac 12 refs, I think it’s a safe bet that the outcry over this incident has taught him more than a dozen anger management classes……

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      1. Compared to the admitted child molester playing baseball this week in the college World Series?? Wonderful how we have our priorities straight. No questions about the child molester (a family member at that) but a swing at the red, OMG!!

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  2. Scooter,

    I am shocked, this is not a receiver. It is actually a linemen that SC is recruiting. Interesting, but this is going against thee grain of recruiting a receiver. We don’t have enough offers for receivers and we need about 100 more for the offense to go.

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  3. FYI—-Dan Weber has basically written an open letter to Clay Helton telling him to start J. T. Daniels over Sears and Fink at quarterback. Weber sez that great coaches like Saban and Smart are not afraid of putting freshman quarterbacks on the field —and their confidence in freshman has paid off (big time). So far, so good. But Weber actually goes so far as to say J. T. has already WON the starting spot on the strength of his showing at summer workouts. Maybe it would be better to wait and see J. T. throw against the defense in Fall…….


    1. Dan Weber great at stadium knowledge but flowers everything spring and summer…this should be competition not coronation…I’ve never watched Daniels play but Pete settled on Barkley and he became a pic at the wrong times machine and we had to settle for that the rest of his career….everything else was good…the reason Saban so good is he demands competition even from his 5 stars…..everyday everywhere anytime…he grinds it out as do his ballclubs…

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      1. Dan did seem to jump the gun a little bit on this one. I wonder how much fun he’ll have interviewing Fink and Sears from here on…?


    2. Weber’s strong suit is not player talent perspective on his own site….Gerard Martinez’ and the coach’s dept…..but Dan is wonderful in many ways….


      1. Ryan Abraham holds it all together, at least he did before selling….haven’t gone back much since because their coverage blends in too much with 247 and has lost its hometown feel…


  4. Pudly — Agreed! How many kids say or do something stupid in the heat of the moment in sports? They should pay for it —-but not for the rest of their lives. Bernard’s lived with and suffered for this for two years now —-time for us all to move on.


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