USC Recruiting Class Ranked No. 1 . . . In Basketball

It’s not unusual for USC to have the No. 1-ranked recruiting class in football but Rivals and 247Sports both currently rank the Trojans No. 1 in the nation for the Class of 2019.

USC has commitments from shooting guard Drake London , forward Isaiah Mobley and forward Onyeka Okongwu (pictured).

The nice part for Andy Enfield is that London doesn’t even cost him a scholarship because he plays football. But that means he also misses half the season.

Here is Rivals top 5 classes: 1. USC; 2. Kentucky; 3. UCLA; 4. Villanova; 5. Maryland.


15 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Class Ranked No. 1 . . . In Basketball

  1. Man, I’d love to see USC win 10 national titles in basketball…Andy doing a great job…much appreciated….just have to get others to stop taking cash etc and dragging the ballclub’s efforts thru the mud for their own personal gains….

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  2. Stephen,

    It would be nice to win 10 championships, however, when that last happened only the coach was on the take (Wooden). Now players and coaches are on the take and their is no organization on how much a kid can take compared to a coach and from whom. They have to get organized on this between the players and coaches so they know what booty will belong to whom and they will agree upon the agreement. once they agree, then there can be a run for 10 championships.


    1. Not only was he (Wooden) a chaet he was also a coward. Gene Bartow inherited the entire smelling fraud called ucla mens basketball and in particular Sam Gilbert who, when confronted by Bartow who wanted Gilbert gone, threatened Bartow’s life. That is not contested – it is an accurate fact which also dragged in the equally corrupt AD J. D. Morgan. That fact – Beartow’s life threatened, is the most indelible fact of how gutless Wooden was and how corrupt the LA Times and the NCAA were in ‘looking the other way’…something neither of them have ever done for USC.


      1. Hire Kobe Bryant, not as a coach but as an off court mentor…Andy’s in charge with his assistants to be clear, but Kobe can help keep the young men hungry and disciplined and straight….I know he likes USC track….Kendall Ellis saw to that….


      1. The guy is a putz – probably has a full time ’emotional support’ team to ensure no nasty questions are asked of him….”Kobe did you ever get your @$$ kicked with that first name in middle school?”


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