Florida State Interested In Playing USC

Florida State wants to play a home-and-home series with a West Coast school and has looked at USC future schedules to see if it is possible, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

The Seminoles have also looked at UCLA and Stanford. The Seminoles would also play a neutral-site game on the West Coast.

The reason? New coach Willie Taggart recruits on the West Coast so he wants to play a game there to establish more of an identity. It’s a reason Notre Dame started playing a home-and-home with Stanford to guarantee a yearly trip to California.

7 thoughts on “Florida State Interested In Playing USC

  1. Sign up. Depending on when they play, Daniels could be the starter. My question though is why would they talk to ugly about scheduling to play two games with them? Ugly does not play football, they just pretend and think they do.


  2. Budda,

    There are options pertaining to the program. Helton may or may not be there when the play. Same as Daniels. If we get this year what we got last year, then Helton will be on the hot seat. I’m thinking that Drevino will take over the oline coaching next year. If that is the case, then no matter how bad T Martin calls the plays the oline will be able to block. We have to wait and see what happens. Thank you.


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