If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The USC Notes Column

There will be a race this season to see which media can fawn the most over JT Daniels. Here is an example: “JT Daniels on fastest track to number one pick ever?”

Remember, it’s early and there will be a lot more stories giving that one competition.

  • Speaking of the Golden Child (Daniels), he warmed up during this morning’s player-run practice but Matt Fink and Jack Sears were the quarterbacks for the actual practice portion.
  • Some of the nation’s top recruits will be at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, this weekend at “The Opening.”
  • USC is one of 22 FBS teams that will not play an FCS team this season. USC, UCLA and Notre Dame are the only FBS teams to never play an FCS opponent.
  • Only four Division I colleges had multiple football and basketball draft picks: Miami (6 NFL, 2 NBA); UCLA (5 NFL, 2 NBA); USC (4 NFL, 2 NBA); Maryland (2 NFL, 2 NBA).
  • Oregon State won its third College World Series since 2006 last night. Arizona and UCLA have also won a College World Series since 2006. But USC is content to listlessly go along in baseball.

18 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For The USC Notes Column

  1. After watching Fink smell up the field at the 6th player run practice, I’m starting to edge into the Dan Weber “give J. T. 90% of the reps in Fall” camp. Fink would be a drive killer —for every pass he puts on the money, he throws two that are mind boggingly awful. If Helton can’t be more decisive about starting Daniels over Fink than he was about starting Darnold over Browne, USC is going to get creamed by Stanford and Texas.

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      1. I’m only watching the stuff that CBS puts out, Stephen —-but they’re showing just about every throw Fink makes according to the throwing stats I’m seeing. Fink does have a built -in excuse for the poor showing, though —-he was mainly throwing to walk -ons. But believe when I tell ya that Fink is NOT the guy. It’s gonna be either Daniels or Sears.


      2. I’m rooting for Sears to press the rookie……let’s go, Jack….pick it up….it’s the fight of your sports life so far!!! Get tougher and shut these skeptics down lol!!!! You know what I mean…you’re a pro prospect, time to fly!!!

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    1. Stiff mechanics. If JTD was fluid and “languid”, Fink is wooden and tense.

      No touch on any ball over 15 yards. No air underneath. He was at a less than 50% completion rate going against air. No defense. Just a receiver against air. Less than 50%. Ball consistently sailed.

      On the short and intermediate routes, still only about 70% completion rate, and the ball still tended to sail, forcing receivers to lay out for a 7 yard pass in the middle of the field. He will get receivers killed.

      Can’t imagine how bad he will be facing a pass rush, trying to read the field.

      Looks like a bigger but much less accurate Cody Kessler. A much, much worse Cody Kessler.

      No wonder Helton begged for JTD to graduate early. A USC team going into the season with Fink as your QB guarantees a six-win season, at best.

      When Kessler was battling Wittek for a starting job, he at least showed touch and accuracy on short throws. Struggled with the vertical routes Kiffin’s offense demanded.

      Fink just struggles, against air.

      To run an effective offense around Fink, you have to design a run-heavy RPO offense, like the one Chip Kelly designed for Jerimiah Masoli and Dennis Dixon. Cut the field in half, ask for one read, and if it’s not wide open, tuck in ball in and run.

      Yes, give JTD 90% of the throws. Fink may look like a USC caliber athlete, but he is not a USC caliber QB.

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      1. It’s amazing to me that anyone can watch Fink in player practice and say “that’s what I’m talking ’bout!!” He’s a good athlete who was never cut out to be a quarterback at this level. The only guy on our roster who really fits the bill is J. T. —- and we would be fine in 2018 if we got everybody used to that idea as soon as possible. My concern is that Helton, although I respect him, isn’t an ‘all in’ kinda guy. He’s gonna think it’s precipitous to hand the keys to a freshman —and, as a result, he’s not gonna want to make a definitive decision about qb until after the first game —-when it’s gonna be too late for the team to jell the way it needs to for Stanford. Or Texas.


    1. A sad state of affairs for baseball. No one with any clout will step up to
      get the Athletic Dept. to make a move and hire an energetic Head Coach.
      When you can’t even make the tournament of 64 time to cut your losses and try to move forward. What does AD Swann know about the pleasure of the early 2K when their was excitement at Dedeaux Field hosting and winning regional s.

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  2. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to be high on Daniels. If you watched the all-star games, his performance blew away those of the guys a year older and selected in the top 5 by Clemson, etc. But don’t be a reflexive hater, Scottie. We’re not talking about pro athletes here – this is a 17-year-old kid. Give him a break.

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    1. Stephen —-if it ain’t Daniels, it’ll be Sears. In fact, we may see a lot of both of them at first (although I’m not sure that’s the way to win those 2 big away games at the start of the season).

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      1. That’s on the defense and our big fellas on both sides including the wideouts and tight ends….if they don’t push people around, Clancy and Neil and Drevno….if those units falter, dock them!!!!!

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      2. Coach Helton: A+ just like Andy’s A+…….others unproven and need to have their backs…


      3. That’s my prediction. This is Fink’s third year in the system. He is not a USC caliber starting QB. No wonder Holden Thomas took almost 30% of the snaps in the spring. I predict early in fall, Fink will be told he’s being dropped to third on the depth chart, and he will ask to transfer.

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