USC Has A Habit Of Taking Its Time Recruiting Top Players

Were you stunned that Oaks Christian defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux said USC was not “recruiting me that hard,” last night?

It certainly has precedent. Remember cornerback Thomas Graham committed to USC then said he did not hear from the coaches for several months. Graham then switched his commitment to Oregon.

Last summer, USC dragged its feet recruiting cornerback Olaijah Griffin so he committed to UCLA. After Jim Mora got fired, Griffin switched to USC.

Some people get mad when I say USC recruits USC. But it’s pretty clear Thibodeaux put USC in his final five because it is USC. Not because of Clay Helton or any other coach.

But the fact it is USC will allow the coaches to decide over the next few months how much they really want Thibodeaux.


7 thoughts on “USC Has A Habit Of Taking Its Time Recruiting Top Players

  1. I don’t see a story here – some kid gets miffed because someone isn’t hustling him enough is that it? I don’t have a lot of respect for Helton ‘but’ he seems to be a pretty good recruiter even accounting for the fact he is currently the HC for USC.

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    1. In last year’s title game, Tua Tagovailoa, Najee Harris and Alex Leatherwood all played and performed well as true freshmen in Alabama’s victory…..ALL THREE WERE NEAR USC MISSES! They are getting good recruits but we need to mix in more #1 recruits to overthrow the Bamas and the Clemson’s and fast charging Georgias etc to regain consistency at the top of the hill…hopefully, they will close with Kayvon…


      1. Alex Leatherwood would have started at left tackle for the Trojans last year….at least at some point during the season…


      2. No argument Stephen and great points! I just don’t ever see Helton being the difference maker that all great teams need , esp. in a title match-up, that produces victory. As such until he demonstrates his ability to not just recruit but prepare for a top tier opponent it matters not i.e. Darnold was a huge plus for USC. His ability was lights out above every other opponent in the conference. Problem now is Helton doesn’t have a Darnold and now all of us will see if he can actually replicate a 10 victory season let alone a shot at a national playoff tourney. Don’t count in it.


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