Defensive End Kayvon Thibodeaux Names Top 5 Schools

Oaks Christian defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux, ranked one of the top five players in the nation by, named his top 5 schools tonight: USC, Florida, Florida State, Alabama and Oregon.

Now for the jaw-dropping quote from Thibodeaux regarding USC, courtesy of 247Sports:

“They really haven’t been recruiting me that hard but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not sure if they think I’m set on leaving home or what but I haven’t heard a lot from them in the last few months . . . it’s home for me and hopefully we can build that relationship through the course of the year.”

Even if Thibodeaux  is wrong, that’s a troubling quote for a top-five player in USC’s backyard.

16 thoughts on “Defensive End Kayvon Thibodeaux Names Top 5 Schools

  1. High school transfers usually entail drama….we see it time and time and time again….hey dude, be true to your school and don’t make us laugh at the academic competition between your finalists because everyone on the planet knows USC harder hitting than those you are considering….your in good hands with K.U. over Tosh Lupoi any day of any week…we know these things….why don’t you? Sign up and end the drama because the recruiting video doesn’t mean squat……it’s the work ahead and you seem capable…..I’m quite sure everyone at USC has been giving you love for years now lol…don’t get it twisted…

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  2. Does Gomer and his W. Kentucky reject staff even know this kid exists ? I know he’s not a WR but come on Gomer, get on the ball


      1. They know who he is the question is does he know who he is? Take that from a proven father whose daughter just graduated college..


      2. Dorsey High school, USC, #1 pick in the NFL!!!!! Tell Saban, the Ducks and the Florida’s to take their arguments and stuff it!


      3. Commit to the Trojans today! Bow your neck cut all the distractions and lead us with all you got and I’m sure your peeps will look up to you with anticipated excitement and buy their tickets and scream and yell their guts out as will I for a local young man done good!

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    1. And, if anyone’s offended because their child didn’t get accepted to USC for whatever reason, neither did mine…doesn’t stop me from realizing the greater good here for a national talent….

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    1. Ask Clancy Pendergast…..he irritates me with his smug attitude of perceived brilliance and distaste for recruiting as they say…..what in the world, Tiger?!!!


      1. If the Trojan defense comes out flat and porous early, I would make a change quick and put someone like Jack Del Rio out there to coach the defense….


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