USC Saturday Buzz: Scholarship Offers Keep Coming

Does anyone else notice how USC is offering so many recruits in mid-December?

That is simply not the sign of a healthy program. Did they suddenly discover a “diamond in the rough” after months of evaluation? More likely, the coaches are getting desperate for whatever reasons.

USC offered a recruit this week who apparently had Utah State as the leading choice. The die-hards and over-the-hill pundits, who want to stay relevant by pretending USC is making the right moves, will champion these offers.

It’s fine to be unorthodoxed but what leads anyone to believe a Clancy Pendergast-coached player will develop? Maybe a recruit can develop on special teams . . . for John Baxter?

Or maybe there are some linemen who Tim Drevno will develop. Like he did the year he worked with Damien Mama and Chad Wheeler, another USC player who seems to be better with NFL coaching. Maybe the same can be said about Jordan Simmons, who has started two of the past five games in Seattle.

Again, it is stunning that Kayvon Thibodeaux, a top 10 player nationally from Los Angeles, does not have USC in his Final Four and will announce for another school today.

Remember what he said in the summer about USC: “They really haven’t been recruiting me that hard but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not sure if they think I’m set on leaving home or what but I haven’t heard a lot from them in the last few months . . . it’s home for me and hopefully we can build that relationship through the course of the year.”



4 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Scholarship Offers Keep Coming

  1. The only thing I see wrong with this early recruiting period is that the incoming coaches don’t have a chance for input. Imagine being asked to create a gourmet meal after someone else did the grocery shopping. Or in football terms bringing in coaches after the draft.
    Hopefully this won’t become a snowball effect. If we offer kids who are, for lack of a better term, a waste of a scholarship, then we suffer as if we are still on sanctions. The catch 22 in all of this the snooze and lose factor. We can’t win because we’ve become losers


  2. Program needs an annual award for screwups, mistakes, errors, disastrous hires etc.. Should be called ‘The Pat Haden ‘I Gotta’ Hunch’ Award. The winner not only gets the trophy….he/she is also tasked with finding Haden in that new ‘warren’ of clefts he’s designed to hide in at the Coliseum.

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  3. ESPNU and Mark Packer where talking about the state of USC football comparing it to Miamis downfall and being a long way from contending for a National Championship. USC should dominate recruiting in So Cal schools and the West Coast in a fertile So Cal talent base.


  4. Kayvon Thibodeaux, No. 1 recruit in ESPN 300, commits to Oregon. In the meantime, SC keeps going after receivers. Sheesh, the kid is from Cali and had SC nowhere in sight.

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