The Radisson Will Now Be Known As USC Hotel


For the past 20 years, the hotel across the street from USC was known as the “Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Midtown at USC.”

But Jan. 1, it becomes the USC Hotel.

The 240-room hotel was purchased by USC in 2000 and USC Auxiliary Services assumed operations in 2010. Before the Radisson, it was a Hilton hotel.

It will operate as an independent hotel now. Don’t be surprised if USC eventually tears it down and builds a new hotel at the site.


11 thoughts on “The Radisson Will Now Be Known As USC Hotel

  1. Well if USC: owns the property, has allowed a tenant (Radisson) to place its name on it…has now decided to rename it and ‘may’ replace it with another bldg. – all still owned by USC – good.


  2. The way things have been going for USC, they will demolish the building, then while the building search committee is working, a homeless camp will pop up on the property. The city will declare it a civil right for the persons to occupy the land. USC will bring in a building team anyway and a court case will ensue. Meanwhile homeless persons will camp in the lawn of the coliseum because it has the name of the city on it finally in order to get the interlopers to move on the school will enroll them and then file a title IX case and expel them. Meanwhile, the tents the homeless left behind will be rented out as Nuevo Villas.


  3. Weller,

    U are totally right about the hotel. Berkley had problems with the tree people. To counter ur thoughts, only good things come from the way I would get rid of them. All u need is one bulldozer and 5 high pressure water hoses. U blast the homeless with water and they get to take a bath. The bulldozer will scrape the area clean and dump that crud right onto Figuroe Bkvd. Let the City take care of the mess


  4. With the tree people in Berkley, I would have it solved in less than 30 minutes. All I need is a chain saw and about 5 gallons of gas to fuel up the chain saw


  5. Lol.

    It devolved from Hilton to Radisson, then from Radisson to usc hotel hahaha.

    Hilton was smart and pulled up stakes and gtfo of south central. What a dumpy, low-rent neighborhood.

    University of slumlords and cheapskates.

    Does usc hold the title for dumpiest college town in the country? I’m certain they do. I can’t think of any institutions located in worse neighborhoods. That’s pretty funny haha.



    1. 3-9. Just proves what we all know. The baby bear’s entire season revolves around USC. That is so pathetic. As far as the part of town, well the Lakers and Clippers play right up the street, yet you never complain about them being in “south central.” Just pathetic.


  6. Wolf, so what? Radisson typically signs 20-year franchise agreements. They are a weak flag in the industry that adds little value to the property. The entire draw for that hotel is it’s proximity to USC. Hopefully, USC will either renovate or demolish and re-build the asset in conjunction with a quality flag (ie. marriott, hyatt, hilton, etc.)!


  7. Hey guys, in the interest of showing evidence you went to school; it is BerkEley. Not Berkley. That is a fishing reel.
    In addition, Berkeley is a town. A very f’d up one. CAL is the school whom your 5* recruit handed the game to in 2018. Thank you.
    Get used to it. I also had a lot of respect for every team USC used to put on the field. Geez have you guys fallen.


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