If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Former USC defensive backs coach Greg Burns is returning to the Trojans. He was at Oregon State last season.

I haven’t been around Burns since 2005 but I know Pete Carroll talked Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin into taking him off his hands in 2006.

That was a disaster and Burns last only one season. He has since been at schools like Kansas State, Arizona State, Cal and Oregon State. He is an OK hire.

Sources said there was resistance to the hire last week by defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, who always wants people he can guarantee will defer to him (sort of like Helton until he was forced to hire Kliff Kingsbury).

  • One theory being floated is Pendergast could still leave USC by getting an NFL job after the pro season concludes. He has tried to get an NFL job for several years without success so I am not optimistic.
  • Kayvon Thibodeaux, the nation’s No. 1-ranked recruit, will announce his college choice on ESPN on Saturday at halftime of the New Mexico Bowl. His final choices are Alabama, Florida, Florida State and Oregon. The fact a kid who played at Dorsey and Oaks Christian does not even have USC in his Final Four sort of sums up this recruiting year for the Trojans.
  • Remember Lynn Swann wanted to sign Clay Helton to a five-year contract a year ago to help recruiting.
  • USC remains in the running for Mater Dei’s star receiver, Bru McCoy. There are plenty of stories he is secretly committed to Texas so we will see if those are true when McCoy makes his decision.
  • McCoy is part of a big recruiting weekend that starts today. Among the other prospects who have not yet committed to USC: WR Kyle Ford‍ (Orange Lutheran);  OG Enokk Vimahi‍ (Kahuku, Hawaii); QB Dillon Gabriel (Mililani, Hawaii);  OL Ron Carr‍ (Solon, Ohio); OL Kardell Thomas‍ (Baton Rouge, La.); RB Tyrion Davis‍ (Baton Rouge): DE Falcon Kaumatule (Bishop Gorman); OL Triston Miller‍ (Charlotte, North Carolina); CB Briton Allen‍ (IMG Academy).
  • I know I write this often but it cannot be underestimated: There is a real movement among USC players for Jack Sears to be the starting quarterback. Doesn’t mean it will happen but what does it say when players are working behind the scenes like this?

You didn’t see this when Sam Darnold was competing against Max Browne, even if the players at the time wanted Darnold.



20 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Sure love it when the best players in the state go to help Bama. What a crock of ish. This circus regime is going to put us in the dark ages soon. Can’t believe we have no big balls donors who can get ish done.


    1. That may be true soy boy of troy. But all that moolah can’t buy you class or brains. UCLA is far and away the better school, it costs less to attend, and it’s in a way better neighborhood than soythern cal (which is located in the shithole ghetto and gangland of LA).

      Hopefully your next vagina doctor won’t be a serial sex offender. How dumb are the soy troys for not firing that guy? lol, not unexpected though, university full of dipshits.

      34-27 uuuhhhhh bitch


      1. I know a lot of people who went to both schools for either undergrad or grad school. My brother included. Every single one of them prefer USC to UCLA.



      1. I don’t think so. I’m not saying that couldnt be a possibility, but during the last 6-8 months of his recruitment he’s been asked about where he stands with USC and he literally was speechless without any kind of answer or reason, after a good pause in the conversation he finally said Johnny Nansen stays in contact with him but clearly you could sense he was seriously puzzled and almost embarrassed because the truth is USC was rumored to have not been impressed with him and stopped recruiting him a long time ago.
        Now….Do i think they are going to regret that?
        I don’t know enough about him to say he’s the #1 Overall player but I think USC really f***ed up here in a lot of ways and it will not look good if this kid beats up USC as an Oregon Duck and becomes a 1st Round Pick. The fact that we let him walk so quickly and who knows maybe he was playing games but all these kids play games now days and this will be a black eye to the perception of where USC is right now and the country will assume USC is done when he puts on a hat from one of the other schools. With our luck we will run into him and pay.


    2. He doesn’t like LA. That’s why he went to Oaks. Let Kayvon go. Good luck. Reminds me of the No.1 ranked DE from the IE who chose Florida. He made such an impact that I somehow forgot his name.


      1. He went to Sierra and didnt start his freshman year and said he just didnt see him starting until his junior season with the talent they had already.


    3. He doesn’t like LA. That’s why he went to Oaks. Let Kayvon go. Good luck. Reminds me of the No.1 ranked DE from the IE who chose Florida. He made such an impact that I somehow forgot his name.


  2. “They have twice the endowment of UCLA.”

    Well, Bumsteer, it’s a fact, Dr. Geo. Tyndall was one helluva fundraiser.

    However, I heard tell the current SUCCX Univ. insurer has filed suit in New York to remove themselves from any financial responsibility incurred by adverse Clown U litigation judgments. That auld bozo bugaboo, lack of administrative control, rears its ugly head to bite SUCCX again in the ASS.

    In the event plaintiff insurer wins, Clown U’s endowment will suffer severely. Could bozo bankruptcy be far behind?

    Doh! Bumsteer.


  3. Just rent,

    Every year the state of California is bankrupt because of the clowns that run the uc system. Get rid of them and turn over the $75 million slush fund that Napalitino has.


      1. Why am I not surprised Commie Lush has intimate knowledge of UCLA lgbtqstudies.edu. I bet he hums “Dreaming” when perusing the site.

        I’m thinking Commie Lush wants to be a peter eater, but can’t SUCC while in the closet.


  4. I wouldn’t put much stock in player movements. If there weren’t willing to voice their thoughts for your almighty Sam, what good are they?


  5. I dont any players are secretly rooting for a 3rd string quarterback who lost against Arizona State. He would get busted up if he uses his legs to make up for his lack of preparation and being able to do his reads.


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