USC Loses A Coach

Mike Goff, a 12-year NFL veteran who helped coach the USC offensive line, has been hired as the offensive line coach at Western Kentucky.

This is actually a loss for the coaching staff. Goff was widely respected at USC and probably deserved a shot to be offensive line coach.

He also was a rarity at USC, a man of principle: Goff always coached the offensive line at USC and then switched to defensive line this season. Sources said it was because he did not believe in what then-offensive line coach Neil Callaway was teaching the linemen.

When Clay Helton fired Callaway, Goff went back to the offensive line and helped out Tim Drevno.

No surprise Tyson Helton hired him after working with him for a couple seasons.


13 thoughts on “USC Loses A Coach

  1. So…the two tough guys who were quality NFL starting linemen (BKU and Goff-er) are departed…but Hugs (great name shout out to whomever came up with this – much better than my preferred “Captain Benteen”) is still in the fold and we’re going to “air raid” away our fundamental issues…this just keeps getting better and better…


      1. Yes, and especially at the end of the year…yet we could the year before (to include against Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl)…just my opinion, and I honestly mean no disrespect (and admit I am not the end-all, be-all of analysis), but I find it hard to believe the struggles of the defense can be pinned on BKU – from what I saw, the line generally held it’s ground, and some of the younger players were progressing…the inability to stop the run was a function of Clancy’s woeful scheme (incessant/non-creative blitzing, defensive backs lacking technique being left in one-on-ones, and linemen far too frequently running around blocks to attempt penetration rather than playing through blocks – in short, too much Jurrell Casey and Sedrick Ellis – without he players behind them or PC calling the signals – and not enough Mike Patterson)…BKU was a nearly all-pro caliber defensive lineman in the NFL and an All-American at USC…Goff started for a Chargers team that came within three last second field goal losses of potentially going undefeated, and played for Marty Schottenheimer….from the evidence, I’m going with Clancy didn’t like BKU being a threat/challenge, particularly with his links to the PC glory days, instead of links to the past 10 years of wandering in the desert…


  2. Classic! If we hire a coach, he’s obviously trash. If we lose a coach, he was a world-beater with a heart of gold. Have to agree with Fight On Long Beach.


    1. Facts are facts. Clay and Clancy are 5-8 in their last 13…have one noteworthy win (Washington)…have zero noteworthy wins with no Sam on hand…you want to defend them, that’s your prerogative…many of us do not agree…let’s see where they are this time next year (it won’t be pretty)…Swann and the administration have pulled a US Congress on us by kicking the can down the road for another year…another year of “I can’t wait to see what this team looks like in November…”

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  3. “He did not believe in what Neil Callaway was teaching the linemen”.

    Helton made an enormous mistake keeping Callaway until he was told to fire him at the end of the season. If you saw last year’s OSU game, in which the o-line was totally dominated, and the interview with Callaway that was posted here a couple of months ago, and which revealed a guy who had absolutely zero interest in doing his job, then it was obvious that Callaway should have been fired at the end of last year. How could Helton possibly have kept this guy on?

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  4. Speaking of the offensive line, there was a great article about former USC offensive guard Jordan Simmons. Really happy for the guy. Terrible luck and circumstances surrounding him.
    A couple of things stood out to me about his journey along the way. First, he was an OT at SC (he plays OG in Seattle), moved to DT by Sarkdrunkian, almost quit, and was waived as a Raider. The most interesting fact is that he has found a home on a physical, smash mouth, run first Seattle team that is mauling other teams.
    in short, he was playing out of position in a finesse style offense, but couldn’t even start at SC. Now he’s starting and prospering as a Seahawk. I’d call this Matt Cassell 2.0 but while Matt was backing up a Heisman winner, Simmons was backing up who? They couldn’t find a spot for him to start on the O-line? He backed up Zach Banner? Terrible. Makes you wonder if the best players are playing on this team.

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  5. I don’t care for any of them…none of them stood up to no bowl helton on his crapass practices in shorts, no full pads,no contact, BS fresh legs…a few athletes complained…they all sold out for the money, and easy way.


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