The USC Health Center Scandal Takes Toll

I’m hearing that even USC sports are being told their budgets are being frozen or cut in anticipation of the huge financial settlement that will needed to be paid from lawsuits involving former university gynecologist George Tyndall.


7 thoughts on “The USC Health Center Scandal Takes Toll

  1. Now maybe they will hear His voice…….will they humble themselves and pray and perform acts of contrition to mitigate wrath and move forward in prosperity? Or will they leave it to the evils that men do? On what do they build our house? The Rock or the sand? Real leaders build on the Rock…..all else is folley…goodbye for now my fellow Trojans…I have done my best….


    1. Dude, I think you need to start rooting for Pepperdine or LMU.
      The soiled halls of SoCal is no place for a man as pure and godly as you.


  2. Pride is the biggest and first sin to fall to. USC has too much of that. They will never humble themselves. Therefore, SC will take a hit all around to pay the people that were hurt. Maybe after the fall out and no one donating to SC anymore, they might realize that they are there to help the public and not have the public help them. This will take years for them to feel the pain, but it will come.


  3. If that is the case, then Max Nikias should not get any sort of severance pay or “golden parachute” payment with stepping down as President.

    If Max did nothing to remove the gynecologist after he knew of the allegations then he shouldn’t benefit monetarily when he ends up getting forced out himself.

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  4. Hey unlike ti LA Archdiocese USC, according to the LA Times, has a lot of insurance for these very types of claims. Let USC open up it’s files on what they have coverage for before some groundswell for having others pay for this truly heinous mess.

    Throw out the individuals that seconded or encouraged:
    1. that fool Nikias to act as he did – worse refusing the FedEx pkg. from the Times.
    2. Giving these two ‘physicians’ a financial settlement rather than what they deserved – fired, esp. that lecherous pig @$$ Tyndall.
    3. No reporting to the State Medical Board.

    As cut off from reality as Nikias was and probably always will be – these moves were not his alone – clean house.

    You know hearing Haden claim 2 years ago last month that Well Fargo signed off on his plundering seems to have the same ‘….laws re. accountability and honesty apply to the hoi polloi…never us.’ mindset. Nikias looked at Haden and said “My gosh he truly truly is cut from the same cloth as we are….come aboard!”

    Get rid of Quick and Staten – those are the most likely of the rest of those weak sisters in the administration, who engineered this truly contemptible disaster.


  5. Has the administration’s misadventures killed the golden goose? Will football face sanctions from within? I really feel if USC is really going cut funding across the board, they need to seek restitution from those who knew and didn’t react.
    As a season ticket holder I am tired of having problems solved with the price of tickets, the way California solved tax theft by adding taxes on gas.


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