Happy Fourth Of July!


There used to be a big fireworks show every Fourth of July at the Coliseum. Here is a picture from USC in 1964 that shows Mudd Hall on the left.


6 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Of July!

  1. Happy fourth of July. I guess those days are gone. The cost of putting on a big show has, excuse the expression, skyrocketed. Beside the neighborhood complained that stadium show was interfering with the illegal fireworks shows across the area. I know where I live people have been exploding things for over a week and our dogs will be cowering like a UCLA quarterback being chased by Cam Smith.

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  2. Old Trojan, never compare an honor, loyal, respectful animal to a no good, commie loving, pole cat like an ugly ruin q.b.

    Happy 4th of July to all

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  3. Wonder what the dems celebrate tonight – nurturing misunderstood MS-13 boyos or is the latest denial of what a preview of hell looks like, right now, in Caracas?


  4. This is the happiest 4th of July of my life! I just scored over 190 on an internet IQ Test for recognizing photos of John F. Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor.

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