Coliseum Seat Switch

I’m hearing from more people upset about their seats getting moved for this season at the Coliseum. Now it might be a one-or-two year deal, but some are unhappy they are being sent to the end zone, which is a poorer quality seat.

One major donor canceled his season seats. Another decided to keep his seats, for at least one more year, to see what happens after that.

It’s frustrating for some long-time season-ticket holders because they assumed their seats wouldn’t move too dramatically even during the construction. There’s probably no easy solution but the renovation will definitely inconvenience people this season.



10 thoughts on “Coliseum Seat Switch

  1. My kids and I always enjoyed watching from the endzone…..

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  2. Wonder where Pat Haden’s ‘eternal and generational bequeathed’ seats will be? Not in any end zone for ‘the capper’ Paid for by the Mayr Foundation no less.


  3. Inferior seats for high price when all that was ever needed was replacement of the rotten seat that there. Not really a legacy I want to leave my kids. Too bad it’s come to this.


  4. I”m glad we’re super high up – no changes this season, baby. When they change us, we’ll likely drop the tix. #GroupSeatsSince2001


  5. That’s the beauty of being in the south side, no seat changes. I don’t understand how season tix holders in the north side could be surprised by this. The one thing the athletic department has been very good about is the sharing of information throughout this process. Both the current and former AD’s mentioned multiple times that every single season ticket holders seats will be relocated. Those on the north side will be inconvenienced the most. It sucks but we have to live through it for this season.


    1. In private calls with the university, we were told that our seats would remain the same for the upcoming season. Only this week we received an email that we’d be moved to the endzone.


  6. Our seats used to be in Section 10, Row 46. They moved us to Section 17, row77, the northwest corner. Not happy


  7. The athletic department is in for a rude awakening on this. I predict some major backtracking and damage control in the form of begging people to renew their accounts at all– never mind the seat license fee. My account goes back to 1965 and this is likely my last season and frankly I am kind of over it already.


    1. You really think so? Maybe for a fan of your age but I doubt it long term ‘however’ if Helton’s efforts ‘lay an egg’ that’s the worst scenario for the university soothing season ticket holders.


  8. I went to the coliseum with my parents in the 80s for Ucla v usc. I vowed to never go back to that dump until the rams moved back.

    I was planning on attending multiple games last year but ended up only going to 1 due to the shit area and dumpy facilities.

    Never going back. That entire portion of LA has been given to the bums and gangs. What a horrible place for a college. Funny to think usc owned the land that Pepperdine sits on in Malibu. Just goes to show that Trogans have always been stupid idiots.

    Enjoy your shithole area and your dumpy campus. Send all the bums and gangsters out regards, we’ll gladly stay on the west side and enjoy the rosebowl in game days.


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