USC Morning Buzz: Is Pac-12 Officiating About To Get Worse?

Everyone loves to bash Pac-12 referees. But you won’t get to criticize perhaps the best-known official anymore: Land Clark is getting promoted to the NFL.

I know what you are thinking: What????

Clark is one of seven referees who joined the NFL for the coming season. The others were Matt Edwards (Big Ten), Chad Hill (SEC), Anthony Jeffries (SEC), Tony Josselyn (SEC), Mark Stewart (Big 12) and Don Willard (Big Ten).

Note the SEC had three officials promoted while the Pac-12 had one and ACC zero. The SEC is the king even in officiating.

So how will fans survive now that the conference doesn’t have Clark or even Glasses Ref to rip?


7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Is Pac-12 Officiating About To Get Worse?

  1. Scooter,

    The Commish will find refs that are equally incompetent as he is. The standard is no higher than the Commish. That standard is horrible.

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    1. If Larry Scott can be the Pac 12 Commissioner, I’d say, at the very least, you and me could be Pac 12 officials……

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    1. Very funny Uncle Rico —-Think of how many foot faults Larry’s friends would call when quarterbacks step up in the pocket……


  2. The PAC 12 refs can’t even agree on what sandlot rule book they’re using. I have seen them blow a call fix it on replay and replay the replay and screw SC in the process. (Replay cannot be changed once they have ruled and the second call was wrong anyway)
    They routinely wave off helmet to helmet contact on the other team, but nail SC for not even close hits. In my youth I used to say they were biased, but as I have aged I realize they just suck.


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