Steve Sarkisian Loses Lawsuit Vs. USC

Former USC coach Steve Sarkisian was not awarded any money by an arbitrator in his wrongful termination lawsuit against the university, according to TMZ Sports.

Sarkisian sought $30 million including his salary and damages. But an arbitrator ruled he was “not terminated on the basis of any disability” and “must bear sole responsibility for having actively concealed from USC his claimed disabilities.”

Sarkisian had $12. 6 million left on his contract when he was fired.


15 thoughts on “Steve Sarkisian Loses Lawsuit Vs. USC

      1. P. S.
        Alv —I’m sure the arbitrator was thinking, “wow, how bad must a guy be that Max Nikias has to come up to him at an event and tell him he’s out of line?!!”

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      2. I believe it was Marinovich who went up to some of the HH powers and told them at the Salute To Troy event there was something wrong with Sark. And still they didn’t listen.

        Man, if you can’t believe Marinovich when it comes to being hammered and up on pills, then those HH types won’t listen to anyone. For anything.


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  1. THANK GOD! Because he never owned up to it UNTIL HE WAS RIGHTFULLY FIRED! How IRRESPONSIBLE AND CHILDISH ON HIS PART!!! I hope USC now GOES AFTR him, (Sarkesian), for all ATTORNEYS FEES discouraging ANY FUTURE irresponsible and frivolous LAW SUITS!!! Sark, in my opinion was also a VERY POOR Coach!!! POOR LEADER, WEAK… Certainly NOT HEAD COACH MATERIAL!!! Never should of been hired in first place! A VERY POOR LEADER OF MEN!!! TOO SOFT SKINNED!!! POOR CHOICES, etc. Could NOT take PRESSURE, (for whatever reasons!), NEVER TOOK RESPONSIBILITY AS A head coach!!! Could NOT TAKE CRITICISM WELL!!! FIGHT ON, USC!!!

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  2. I hope he paid court costs…. what a moron. You show up to a team meeting drunk, you get fired for being drunk around minors, and you sue the school for a “disability”? Pound sand, idiot.

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  3. Alv —The report I heard, for what little it’s worth, is that Max was shocked as shit when he heard Sark babbling at Troy’s biggest night of the year —so he asked Pat Haden to take Sark aside and have a word with him. As usual, Pat soft peddled it, and as a consequence Sark didn’t really get the message —–and a few drunken practices and team meetings later, Sark was out on his ear.


    1. Remember Michael that Haden had him sign that corrective action, where he was supposed to go to weekly counseling and made him promise to never drink around the kids nor ever embarrass the school again. It might have been too little too late, but in hindsight probably saved us many millions.

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      1. Yeah —good point, Pudly. I seem to be taking a lot of cheap shots at Haden lately. The good stuff he did outweighs the bad. I’d probably be fine with him if he’d been wiser in the way he ran that charity.


      2. Well we differ on Haden and always have, it’s what makes the world go round! I think we’d have been better off had Pat not hired Steve to begin with. As far as his charity goes, I left it to the DA, and Attorney General’s office to tell me if what he did was illegal. Have a nice day…

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  4. What I take away from this, is that he was not accountable for himself. He wanted everyone else to take the fall for his shortcomings. He did not man up on this. I have a friend in the same type of denial but a different issue though. But he wants everyone else to take care of him. he needs to man up and be accountable for himself. This has brought great disheavel upon him and his family.

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    1. Pudly — Actually, the first thing I think of when I hear the name Pat Haden is 55-24. That score resonates in eternity.


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