USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarksian Reaction

Even though Steve Sarkisian lost his arbitration case and received no money for USC, don’t feel too bad for him.

He has a seven figure job with the Atlanta Falcons as offensive coordinator. He made several million at USC before being fired. He made several million when he was at Washington.

Remember he put his house in Palos Verdes on the market for $9.5 million in 2015?

He didn’t spend much time purgatory and quickly went to Alabama, which made him offensive coordinator when Lane Kiffin left until the Falcons hired him.

Will anyone be surprised if Sarkisian lands a college head coaching job again?

So, no, he did not get his $30 million in salary and damages from USC. But he will still live a very comfortable life and probably keep getting good jobs even if the Falcons fire him one day.


12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Steve Sarksian Reaction

    1. I’m only guessing here, Uncle Rico —-but something tells me that, even though Steve might ‘land’ on his feet, he winds up in a prone position…..

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  1. He lost the: wife, children’s respect, one of the top tier HC in all of college football…and got what? An arbitration decision that denied his alleged mistreatment by USC….currently OC for ATL Falcons.

    Could very well be hired by another college program but at a severe discount especially based on his mediocre record while HC for WA in-conf 24-21 and note he never exceeded beyond 5 – 4 for four years prior to the USC hire.

    The most foolish thing Sarkisian did was file that wrongful termination suit – he listened to some goof of an attorney and now he’s stuck with that instead of swallowing his termination quietly and, by his silence, accepting its’ validity.

    Have fun in the NFL and ATL Sarkisian – thankfully finally gone.

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    1. Agreed, Alv. It’s better for guys like Sark NOT to sue —-it forces people into telling the other side of the story.


  2. It might sound like he is financially secure but I bet you his divorce from Stephanie is going to wreak havoc with his finances.

    One thing I’ve heard often enough from dudes who have been through a divorce, especially a CA divorce, all say they got screwed financially.

    It’s so bad, some guys even say they would never wish a CA divorce on their worst enemy.

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    1. Actually, marvienna, a California divorce is definitely something I would wish on my worst enemy…..

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      1. Alv —that’s still better than the ex who wants “twice everything.”


  3. My guess is he just wanted the school to suffer. It most likely was never about the money. It was a gamble, which he lost. The real joke is on Atlanta. They’re paying him money to yell pass in a league that is mostly about passing. So if the play fails he has three options; blame the line, blame the quarterback or get stoned and call in sick. I don’t watch much NFL, but when I do it’s not Atlanta or San Francisco or Dallas or …


  4. $9.5 million? Hmm I recall Sarkisian lived close to West High in Torrance fairly close to the Redondo Beach City line – homes are expensive in that area but there is nothing in that price range until you start driving up Palos Verdes Drive West into Palos Verdes Estates. That price is wrong


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