Michael Pittman On Sam Darnold-JT Daniels Comparsion

USC wide receiver Michael Pittman was asked today how USC freshman quarterback JT Daniels fighting for the starting job compares to the Sam Darnold-Max Browne QB derby two years ago.

“I wouldn’t say it’s similar because we would see Sam’s talent and all of us would be like, `woah, like this guy’s the real deal.’

“We have to see JT in camp first because they had already seen Sam for like a year and then I came in and then I would see the things Sam did and I would be like, `that’s not normal for a normal QB.’

“I really just have to wait to see because I don’t want to jump the gun. But he has real talent. Straight up talent.”


14 thoughts on “Michael Pittman On Sam Darnold-JT Daniels Comparsion

  1. The only way J. T. convinces the team he’s the real deal is by leading them to a come back win in the final 2 minutes in a game that matters……

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    1. So not being behind because of turnovers excludes him from being good? Tsk, tsk, tsk. There’s always the possibility their both good and yet different. If the team follows him is what counts, just like with Sam…no?

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      1. Great observation. They ARE different. And they’re both good.


      2. Sam was special. Some of what he did won’t be replicated again or certainly not soon. And he looks to have a great pro career. But there’s always the possibility that someone is just a good college qb and does a better job at SC.
        But you’re right about one thing for sure, nobody will be any more exciting than Sam.

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    1. Pudly —It’s funny you mention “just being a good college qb” —cuz I think that’s EXACTLY what J. T. is gonna turn out to be —an efficient, smart, athletic college qb. And that’s all we need to go far over the next 2 or 3 years.


      1. I have said this before, that if JTD is “merely” Cody Kessler 2.0 — smart, super accurate, takes care of the ball AND is able to throw over the top (Cody’s kryptonite was/is his inability to throw over the top), then USC competes for Pac-12 championships. If he isn’t and/or he is hurt and misses a significant amount of time due to injuries, then this blog will be devoted to discussions whether USC can afford to hire an outside replacement for Helton, or “Say Hello to Head Coach Tee Martin!”

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    1. In a way, Pittman did kinda say that, Alv. And, in a sense, you’re both right. J. T. Daniels is not ready to match Sam’s Rose Bowl performance. And he probably won’t be as coveted by the pros. On the other hand —even allowing for equally mediocre o-line play —- I doubt we’ll see the kind of distracted, inefficient performance we saw from Sam against Notre Dame or Ohio State with J.T. at the helm.


      1. So you’re saying Mike the ‘O line’ has found their coach and/or talent to eliminate what all saw in mid-October against ‘the princess’ and what OH St. did on New Year’s Eve? Who is the nationally recognized coach Helton has found in place of the Western KY coach that Helton previously chose for the ‘O line’?

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      2. Drevno. Nominally RB coach and RB coordinator, but the heir apparent to Callaway, who most likely will retire after this season.

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  2. Alv —whether or not line play improves under Devno, I think J. T. will make fewer unforced errors than Sam did last year. It’s almost as though Sam’s agent told him that the plan for 2017 was to ‘go have fun but don’t sweat it.’


  3. Pitman was smart, he took the “wait and see” approach. Daniels has to earn the respect of the team and the wide receivers. Until such time, Daniels is another freshman trying to make the team.


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