Same Old, Same Old

USC has named Justin Silverstein as its new women’s golf coach. Silverstein spent the past two seasons as a USC men’s assistant and was a women’s assistant in 2013 when the Trojans won the NCAA title.

He might do a great job. But it also continues the pattern of a lack of ambition when it comes to hiring coaches in the non-revenue producing sports. USC simply promotes or goes to smaller schools now for coaches. Oh well.

It’s also not a great look to have a male coach replace a female coach, though I suspect mentioning this will not be a popular opinion for the Internet crowd.


5 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old

    1. Michael, I guess Scott forgot about women’s waterpolo who just won another national title. Last time I checked those women were coached by a gentleman.

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      1. Pudly —I think, as a general proposition, it’s better not to tell your audience that you’re not expecting much from them. I remember an opposing attorney once starting off his voir dire of the jury with “this is the point in the trial where I ask you questions and you lie to me.” He might as well have started off with, “Ladies and gentleman, eat shit and die.”

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  1. Swann is as we were always told to do ‘…have a safe and sane 4th.’ He’s not a risk taker and I doubt he’s going to take one if and when Helton get’s let go. Then again maybe there is already fallout on what the school shall be facing per the Tyndall scandal and the lawsuits incoming.


  2. Scooter,

    You made a sexist statement. Horrible of you. How dare you think that a man cannot coach women in golf? Man has come a long way. Keep your sexist thoughts to yourself. You are not helping man by degrading them.

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