USC Morning Buzz: What Should Quarterbacks Transfer?

Matt Fink looked sharp at yesterday’s player workout and will probably be the backup to JT Daniels when the season starts because of his experience edge over Jack Sears.

So where does all this leave Sears?

When should he transfer?

Clay Helton told a source he did not think Sears would transfer. But how will Sears feel after he goes through a training camp where Daniels is anointed the starter?

Will he be bold enough to leave in August? Or will he be more conventional and transfer in the spring?

Remember Max Browne was a team-first guy but Sam Darnold’s emergence had Browne leave the team before the Rose Bowl vs. Penn State. Browne probably should have left the previous spring but Helton strung along the QB competition to keep Browne.

It might have cost USC a chance a College Football Playoff spot because USC lost to Stanford with Browne and forced Darnold to make his start at Utah (another loss). But hey, it kept Browne around!


17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Should Quarterbacks Transfer?

  1. Scooter,

    You are assuming that Sears will transfer, not a smart idea. He might actually want to stay at USC. We don’t know. Unless you ask the kid, don’t assume.

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    1. Uh, look who USC is recruiting, Sears can’t beat either one of them out. He’s better off heading elsewhere is he wants to play, if he wants a top notch degree with a million connection in LA, then stay and get the degree.


  2. From what I’ve seen, the one who should be thinking about whether he wants to leave or not is Fink. He’s just not the kind of a threat with the long ball that both Sears and J. T. are. Unless we want to give defenses the luxury of bunching up along the line of scrimmage, we need to make Fink #3 on the qb list.


    1. I have not seen Sears throw. But if he can’t separate from Fink, who I have seen and who is not good, then what is the difference who transfers.

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      1. Then he will as well….powerful alums aren’t going to put up with a head coach who recruits top tier rosters and still is not prepared for top tier opponents thus no entry into the ‘final four’ and that loss to OH St. was proof positive of that being the right decision in excluding USC.


  3. I know I’m late to the game here to the question “What should quarterbacks transfer?” is; They should transfer their scholarship money to an offshore account and then take the year off. Or maybe transfer their mothers, wives and girlfriends away from the health clinic.


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