USC Morning Buzz

Former USC health center gynecologist George Tyndall has hired prominent criminal defense attorney Leonard Levine as current and former students file sexual misconduct lawsuits stemming from examinations by Tyndall.

Does Levine’s name sound familiar?

He was hired by former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez in 2006 after Sanchez was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. Prosecutors never filed charges.

Like I have said before, there is always a USC connection.


4 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz

  1. When exactly is Nikias leaving? As long as he is around there will be no reason to believe the rot has begun to be removed – how many of the current administration will walk the plank? If no real change in the ‘mandarins’ that surround the throne (president) expect a valid perception of ‘cover up’ by those who must have had discussions leading to the ‘in camera’ settlements paid and for Pofiriato – a ‘retirement’ party.

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  2. Nikias won’t be leaving, Alv —-not exactly. A new post called “Behind The Scenes Over-President & And Special Deluxe Fund Raiser” was created…. and Nikias graciously agreed to fill it. [FYI: The new job, although unannounced as of yet, started about 2 months ago].


    1. For real Mike? And whatever became of that downtown law firm that was hired to ‘look’ into this mess? Power is hard to walk away from – Kissinger said it was the most addictive narcotic. How sad a mess of this magnitude (Tyndall) and no one gets tossed.


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