USC Closes All Training Camp Practices To Public

USC announced the public cannot attend any of the fall camp practices beginning August 3 at Howard Jones Field.

Why not? It blames an NCAA rule:

Color me skeptical about the rule. Schools always interpret rules differently.

For example, a few years ago USC closed the Coliseum locker room to the media after games because it said recruits were in there.

So that meant the USC locker room would be open on road games because recruits are never allowed inside the visiting team’s locker room. Nope. USC said it would also be closed.

USC simply wanted the locker rooms closed. No problem. Just give the real reason don’t hide behind an NCAA rule.


12 thoughts on “USC Closes All Training Camp Practices To Public

      1. That thought occurred to me, Alv. I mean Coach Helton did limit the qb’s in the spring “game” so that it wouldn’t be obvious to reporters how green they were. But I think Fall is gonna be different—-courtesy of J. T. Daniels.

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  1. Invited guests could be anyone. I think USC is trying to shut down the hype machine. If a new quarterback is on the horizon, why advertise? The first three teams we face will be desperate to know who they are going to face. Without people covering practice, the information will be hard to come by.

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  2. Get too friendly with the public, and you slam the school. . Go by the letter of the law, and you slam the school. Tough to make Scottie happy.

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  3. Does this mean that Swann needs to be invited? Helton NEEDS to know that his offense sucked last year because of the oline. He better get them ready or he will be on the hot seat. The oline makes it go. Also, tell Martin that it is okay to run plays with a fullback on goal line plays. What a bonehead for his calls against Texas last year when they were on the goal line and they did not score. he took notes from Carroll when Bush was in by himself on the 4 and 2 play.


  4. Helton just doesn’t want the word to get out on how bad his offense will be this year. He will have a month to get it up to speed before he sees Stanford. Yikes, with T Martin running the show, SC is in trouble. You might as well hire the 3 Stooges to run the offense. They would make much more sense than trying to figure out what Martin is doing.


  5. Will Deadeux field be open so we can watch fall baseball practice and maybe catch a glimpse of football practice?


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