USC Picked To Win Pac-12 South, Washington The Pac-12

The Pac-12 preseason media poll is out!

As expected, USC was picked to win the Pac-12 South but it was close with Utah. And Washington was an overwhelming choice to win the Pac-12 overall, with 37 of 42 votes. Here are the results:

North Division                                 South Division

1.   Washington (40)……… 249          1.   USC (22)……………… 225

2.   Stanford (1)…………….. 198         2.   Utah (14)…………….. 209

3.   Oregon (1)………………. 178         3.   Arizona (3)…………… 178

4.   California………………… 108         4.   UCLA (2)……………… 116

5.   Washington State………. 98         5.   Colorado (1)…………… 80

6.   Oregon State……………… 45        6.   Arizona State………….. 72

PAC-12 TITLE GAME CHAMPION: Washington (37 votes)
Others receiving votes: USC (2), Oregon (1), Stanford (1), UCLA (1)


15 thoughts on “USC Picked To Win Pac-12 South, Washington The Pac-12

      1. Karma –Rather than calling Jim Mora a dirty player or a cheating husband, wouldn’t it be nicer to call him a man who’s on his own personal journey?

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    1. The thing that really gripes me about the preseason media poll, Alv, is that it gives the impression that the media doesn’t fully back Arizona State’s revolutionary decision to hire 83 year old Herm Edwards……

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  1. Think SC has a tough time winning the South, Gomer is a handicap. Why is Utah getting so much love, do they actually have a decent QB now ?

    UDUB ??? The North must be awful


  2. This is a reflection of our quarterback situation and not grounded in fact. Let’s pick a champion in the field and let the voters be wrong.


    1. Here’s why the media and national “love for the UW”:
      1. An experienced and effective coach;
      2. Four-year and experienced starter at QB, who is good
      3. Four-year starting and experienced TB, with a very good rotation (2 effective backs, with no drop off)
      4. Perhaps the very best (or second-best) secondary in the country
      5. Excellent, experienced and large offensive line;
      6. They play solid defense, with a nasty offensive line.
      I want SC to win them all and the Pac-12 championship, but realistically, compare UW’s #1-#6 (above) with how our #1 through #6 compare.
      Again, I hope we win them all, but 2018 is not likely our year. I’m far more concerned about the O-line and secondary than a true freshman QB, not to mention Helton’s (or whomever pulls the lever, whether it’s Tee Martin or someone from Western Kentucky) play calling on game day.

      Reality bites.


      1. If you believe that then why, pray tell, did WA flail…yes me lord I did say ‘flail’ against PA St. in Phoenix? Look WA was on the edge of national recognition but ‘alas’ there were those pesky Cardinals, on the road, and well dear boy….reality is a hard master yes? My most indelible moment per Jake Browning was watching USC kick his behind so hard he was pounding the turf @ WA as he got sacked ‘but’ like all prima donnas our ‘Jake’ chose to ‘move eyes’ elsewhere from his ‘presence’ as he shrank into his self-pitying ‘why me’? scree akin to some ‘Hillary’ supporter on 17th Jan. 2017.

        I think Helton sucks flat out sucks and the sooner he is gone the better i.e. USC recruits itself and always shall – Petersen hadn’t the stones to come south and made a strong effort to make (plunderer of the Mayr Foundation) Haden ‘know that’. Our problem is a strong head coach would have already informed the 4th estate who the new qb is. Life is tough – everyone gets dumped somewhere along the line – those that don’t are the ilk like ‘klintonska’ or ‘barakska’…haven’t a clue how tough life can be.

        In conclusion, Chris Hart WA ‘should have’ played USC last December in Santa Clara but they didn’t and I see nothing, save the “…we’re gonna’ have a ‘surfin’ hootenanny” lack of preparation of HC and ‘gomer’ Clay Helton. Stanford is the best program in the Pac-12 North.

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  3. So entertaining —as usual —Alv. Never before have I had the pleasure of saying “Man, that’s great!” and “Wow, I don’t agree with that!” every other sentence. It’s a little like reading one of those great stroke/shaft personnel evaluations I got when I was starting out as a lawyer —-only better (cuz it’s not about me).


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