USC Gets Commitment From Bosco Receiver

Apparently, if you are a high school junior, you need to commit now to a college. St. John Bosco wide receiver Kris Hutson, who is a Class of 2020 prospect, committed to USC this afternoon.

Hutson has just eight scholarship offers but started drawing attention this summer. Again, these are not even officially in high school for their junior year, so a lot can happen before they actually sign a letter of intent. But it is summer so no one cares.


5 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Bosco Receiver

  1. Anytime USC gets another WR to commit, the headline has to be something like “Another WR Commits to USC.”

    Why can’t USC recruit OL and DL to excess?


  2. SC needs oline, dline, lbers, rb’s, and db’s, but all they are getting is wide receivers. If that is the case, then Helton will be gone in a few years.


  3. The Wolf theory on verbal commitments: they’re completely meaningless but if SC doesn’t have enough of them the coach sucks. And SC recruits itself so even if the coach has a lot of verbal commitments he doesn’t get credit for them.


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