USC Morning Buzz: Larry Scott Defends Pac-12

Pac-12 media day always features commissioner Larry Scott making some comments that defy common sense.

Here was Scott on the Pac-12’s 1-8 bowl record:

“A handful of season-ending games are not an indicator of a conference’s overall strength.”

Nine games might be a handful but eight losses are not, unless you are an awful football program.

More importantly, is that Scott’s takeaway from the bowl performances? One year might not be a reason for panic but at least admit it is a huge disappointment.

Do you think the SEC would try to brush aside going 1-8 in bowl games?

It’s not exactly a better picture when you look at the Pac-12 lagging behind the elite conferences in revenue.

“Money is important and we stay laser-focused on it, but it’s certainly not the only measure of success,” he said.

At least there was no progress in the DirecTV/Pac-12 Network situation.



13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Larry Scott Defends Pac-12

    1. You are So right, Alv. Like all losers, Larry Scott’s defense goes like this: the customary metrics can’t measure my success.

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      1. The guy flat out sucks – reminds me of that clown, whose head looks like a horse, that negotiated that deal with Iran and threw in $33.6 billion to seal the deal. Get rid of him.


  1. Scooter,

    My question is, who invited that Chump to be there? He is an idiot from the word go. He has no business sense, he is a tennis pencil neck geek and a wuss running a billion dollar corporation who has no idea what he is doing.

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  2. No wins, no revenue….. and he’s the highest paid commissioner in the sport. Wake Up Pac-12 presidents. This guy ain’t getting it done.

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    1. The presidents got promised $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, now they aren’t getting as much as they thought, but they’re too busy trying to make the LGBT crowd happy.

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  3. budda,

    you are correct about sucking up to that particular crowd. yet, the only derive maybe less than 1% of the revenue. They should be sucking up to the man of the family who buys four football tickets to a college game, pays for a bunch of food and buys trinkets for the kids.


  4. I think the man speaks truths that most people don’t want to hear. The “bowl season” (outside of maybe 10 of them) presents a tiresome parade of teams, all tired of playing and uninspired to go to the Charmin Toilet Paper American Heritage Bowl in Biloxi to play another uninspired, luckless also-ran team before 20,000 spectators (15,000 giveaway tix) on a Thursday night with nothing to win and nothing to loose. You can only love this sucky set up if you like being locked in the basement for three weeks without much oxygen, with some other desperate guys with no GF’s, mesmerized by any “sports TV”, consuming lots of wings and 12-packs. Truth. Do you think anyone cares whether ucla beats Whoville State?

    As to whether sports revenue can be the true gauge of a conference’s worth, uh…why would it? Oh, that’s right. A conference’s overall competitive record in ALL sports just doesn’t figure anymore. Women’s sports? Who needs ’em? Anything other than football or mens BB? Who needs it? Any school located in an area that doesn’t salivate over its collegiate teams? Screw ’em. Any conference spread out over the farthest reaches of the country where games are played after everyone in America has turned off their TVs? Too bad. A conference that excels x 100 academically compared to the SEC? What’s academix?


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