USC Sunday Buzz

USC starts training camp this week and all eyes will be on the quarterbacks.

But I would argue the defense is more important, especially the secondary. I will believe Iman Marshall has improved when I see it. Ajene Harris is solid but can be inconsistent.

There are some talented freshmen but will they be coached well enough to play immediately?

The press coverage of the defense in the spring was extremely charitable. USC’s secondary has legitimate questions. And I have more concerns about it than who starts at quarterback.


9 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. I’m surprised at you, Scott. It’s almost as though, after all this time, you think that the L. A. sports press (1) actually can decipher what they’re seeing and (2) sometimes make the decision to be “charitable” by withholding negative impressions. I’m only a bit older than you and it’s been clear to me for a long time that the crew reporting on L. A. Sports, perpetually (with the exception of you) has no fricking idea what they’re watching. To trust their evaluation of talent would be a big mistake.

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    1. Saw your comment about concerns per Bradford – how many Western KY coaches does Helton have or has had on the USC staff? Neil Callaway? Are these considered to be the top assistants available or is it they won’t ‘threaten’ the ‘in situ’ picks including the HC?

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      1. Alv —I get what you’re saying but I think I might be sorta starting to understand Helton’s philosophy. There were a bunch of law firms in Los Angeles that assiduously avoided hot shots outta law school —instead, they wanted people that would work long hours and get along with the team. While other firms were grabbing editors of law reviews from the so called top schools, these firms were putting together a a kinda family. Net result? They beat up the ivy leaguers on a fairly constant basis.

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      2. Ok I get that and yeah ‘maybe’ this plays out as you noted i.e. ‘better to know the devil you do know than the ones you don’t’. Except I saw nothing that tells me Helton has any idea how to prepare for a top tier opponent save the PA St. RB victory in Jan. 2017. Sadly ‘the princess’ in So. Bend is NOT a top tier as both stanford and Miami showed last year and WA St. not only got whacked by WA but MI St. crushed them as lethally as OH St. did to us. Helton hasn’t the real grit it takes to isolate himself and understand this is on HIm and all the grinning and ‘ah shucks…tickled pink…’ is a load of blarney.

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      3. Alv —Helton has beaten some very good teams (Stanford, Penn State, Washington) —but you’re right: he’s gotten creamed by the elite teams he’s met (Ohio State and Alabama). We’ll be seeing plenty of good —but not great —teams this season……
        In my opinion, just being in L. A. unfairly hurts Helton. L. A. Fans instinctively gravitate toward the guys who look like they can tame the raptors and get the girl, not the ones who look like they’re going to wind up hiding behind a truck right before they get eaten.


  2. Seems like they will have to coach up and play a couple of the younger guys, but perhaps as practice gets started finally, we may learn some things that makes all this conjecture irrelevant. Believe what you want to, but we all have different opinions.

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      1. Good observation, Steve B —-I’m not worried about the quarterback, receivers or linebackers (cuz of the talent), or the d-line (cuz of the coaching) —-but I share Scott’s concerns about the d-backs (mainly due to Bradford).


  3. Dbacks were horrible last year. What is to say that they have changed? change the coach for a better one and then you will get better results. To allow a player to flap his jaw all day long and getting burned all day long and not control that player tells you who is in charge.


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