USC Morning Buzz: When Will Sam Darnold Sign With Jets?

Who ever thought there would be a contract dispute with Sam Darnold?

But then we are talking about the Jets here. They are trying to get Darnold to agree that all his guaranteed money would be voided if he’s fined and/or suspended by the NFL for disciplinary reasons on-or-off the field.

Neither Baker Mayfield nor Josh Allen had to agree to that. Their guarantees are voided with a suspension, not a fine.

So the Jets want more and appear willing to let Darnold miss at least four days of training camp.

Darnold was always a team-first guy but he also knows how to stand up for himself.

UPDATED: Darnold and the Jets reached agreement today.

7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: When Will Sam Darnold Sign With Jets?

  1. You would think being reasonable on both sides would be a sign towards working things out. The Jets should look at Darnold’s character from the past and see if he has gotten into trouble. The answer is no, therefore, change the language to where it would read that on the first problem there would be a warning, and the second time, a fine. Let it progress from there. The Jets are putting everything into Darnold. Darnold needs to understand that. He is 20 years old and things do happen at a young age. But I think Darnold has a sound foundation where he won’t get into trouble so there has to be a trust on both ends.


    1. The current Labor Agreement expires in two years. Roquan Smith is holdout over a similar issue. Seems teams are trying to get out in front of what might be more player-friendly contacts by inserting voidability language now.


  2. This is another reason this franchise, save for a great Super Bowl victory 50 years ago this season, is the joke of the NFL. Consider the only quarterback in the history of the NYJ to take them to back-to-back AFC Championship Games aside from Joe Namath was Mark Sanchez. Look at what that team’s dual titans mgmt. Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum – did during Ryan’s 5 years (2009-2014) and Tannenbaum’s 7 years (2006-2013) did with him.

    Good luck Sam – you’re going to need it playing for that dumpster fire unless this issue get’s buried fast and best hope both Bowles and MacCagnan have a plan other than what’s been the ‘no plan’ for the past 5 decades.

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