Pac-12 Visits ESPN

There was a time when the Pac-12 would fly all its coaches on a private plane to Bristol, Conn., to spend the day at ESPN, doing all kinds of TV and radio interviews.

Well, today, only Stanford coach David Shaw was in Bristol. Who knows what happened? Did ESPN decide the Pac-12 wasn’t worth the trouble? Did Larry Scott realize it was waste of time for the coaches? Did the coaches decide they would rather stay home and prepare for training camp?

Whatever the reason, it is safe to say Scott realizes the conference’s limitations a lot better now than he did a few years ago.

6 thoughts on “Pac-12 Visits ESPN

    1. Alv –Larry Scott is worse than awful. I actually can’t imagine anyone being worse. It’s a shame the Pac 12 doesn’t have enough self respect to shit can him.


  1. Well when your head man says it’s no big deal to lose most of the bowl games, and is wasting time trying to regulate the length of the game instead of figuring out that extreme heat is not a safe playing environment, why take them seriously?

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  2. Larry Scott is the most incompetent pencil neck geek of all time. Why do the AD’s put with him? He has not produced the revenue that they were promised.


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