Stanford Still Selling USC Tickets

Stanford has lowered prices for its Sept. 8 game vs. USC under its “dynamic pricing” model where the price drops after the first week they go on sale. Tickets are currently $90-$140 depending on the seats.

Should there even be tickets available when both teams will be ranked in the Top 25 and Stanford Stadium seats only 50,000?

Each of the Stanford/USC games played in the diminished capacity reconstruction of Stanford Stadium have been sellouts, except for the last time USC played there, in 2016.
Here is where tickets are currently available.

7 thoughts on “Stanford Still Selling USC Tickets

  1. Let’s face it I’d rather get lost in the Winchester mystery house than sit the palace of trees. It’s not just the stadium it’s the crowd. I just have never had a good trip to Stanford.


    1. Really ? I always had great times in the old place. Bring in your own beer, leave at halftime and get more, playing golf on the 17 mile drive or maybe Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz a couple days before the game, good times.

      Now Cal, that’s another story


      1. Only went north once – 1970 – Plunkett’s smackdown – contrast btwn. USC fans and stanford. Gates open and USC fans swarm in (open seats) then we look directly across the field – here the stanford fans…walking slowly and single file one by one – weird. Now have hitchhike back to SFO – had a handmade sign – yellow background with two printed words and man did that first word light up those driving by ‘Frisco’ airport. “Hey it’s San Francisco!” One and done! Have to say that old Stanford Stadium reminded me of Tulane Stadium – all wood – heck they played a Super Bowl there now they have that antiseptic soviet architectural blockhouse and at half the size of the old stadium they can’t even sell the new one out.


  2. Helton was on PMS this afternoon around 4 o’clock. The QB issue was raised and Fink was discussed. Helton was kindly evasive saying all the ‘good’ things which was 12-15 minutes of air. He noted Darnold emerging quickly two years ago Sept.. Joey Kaufman wrote a long piece in today’s DB and DN on Fink and will do the same tomorrow and Thursday for the other two qbs. Helton is his usual ‘ah shucks’ ‘Trojan nation’ i.e. ‘…have a safe and sane 4th!’ school principal heading out to Havasu for the weekend demeanor.

    If you didn’t hear it you missed nothing worth remembering – going to be a very troubling season by any standard – I know ‘intensity’ doesn’t equate with ‘skill’ but that awful do nothing game plan last New Year’s Eve with 5 weeks lead time is telling.

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