USC Faculty Wants Max Nikias To Formally Resign

It’s been two months since USC announced school president Max Nikias would step down but many faculty members are wondering why it’s taking so long as the fall semester starts in three weeks.

More than 670 faculty members signed a letter calling for a “formal resignation.” The faculty is concerned that no interim president has been named and almost nothing has been said about a formal search for a permanent successor to Nikias.

Here is a key part of the letter: “President Nikias cannot be the one who stands up to greet the new students at the Convocation. If he is, we face the prospect of student protests and walkouts, parent outrage, and a broad public perception that we have gone back on our commitment to accountability and transparency, as the world outside USC believes he has already resigned.”

12 thoughts on “USC Faculty Wants Max Nikias To Formally Resign

  1. Faculty who voted to oust Max are not worried about student protests or parent outrage. They’re worried about rumors that Max will be present at the Convocation —–accompanied by a small, but well trained paramilitary organization known worldwide for their ability to prop up vulnerable governments who’ve come under attack. Those afraid of the sight of blood would be well advised to avoid the Convocation completely.

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  2. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks Scotty for keeping us informed about the dirty business. That is what we come to your blog for. Keep up the dirty work Wolfie.


    1. Ken, are you wearing your cardinal and gold faux Hawai’ian print USC shirt, like all the codgers wear on game day at the Coliseum, while they eat seven-layer bean dip, drink wine spritzers and wave their pom-pom sticks to the beat of Tribute to Troy? The truth hurts sometimes, and SC management – from the athletic department to the Board of Trustees – is dysfunctional and completely screwed up. Arrogance, foolishness and ignorance make for a bad combination, as evidenced from everything from the health science scandal(s) to Nikkias to the hideous, phony $1 million Haden-led coaching “searches”. Pride cometh before the fall, Pastor. SC can (and easily) should do far better, and someone needs to keep calling them out on their failures to induce some much-needed change. Of course, that’s nearly impossible to explain to the people who would eat a steaming pile of dog crap if it were spray-painted cardinal and gold, with an interlocking SC logo stamped on it, and then lick their fingers and ask for seconds, while writing their next big donation check to the school. Many of us don’t really like Nikkias’ leadership and attitude toward athletics, and can’t tolerate 8-4 seasons and coaches like Tollner, Smith, Hackett, Kiffin and Sark. Set your sights higher, Ken, and demand better. I hope this helps.


      1. Man it sure sounded you were describing a dodger fan – switch out the ‘cardinal and gold’ for ‘dodger blue and white’ and ‘SC’ fo ‘LA’ – all that was missing was ‘vinnie is gawd’.

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  3. Sadly, I no longer trust my alma mater (undergrad ‘87 and grad ‘93) to do what is right. Marion Bovard is spinning in his grave.


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