USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

It’s easy to think everything was simpler in the past.

For example, USC coaches obviously had it easier in the 1950’s and early 60’s with recruiting, right? There was no Internet, no endless commitments and decommitments, no Signing Day shows, no 24/7 coverage of recruiting or constant offseason combines.

But there was one drawback in those days: The recruits did not sign a letter of intent until the mid-1960’s.

That meant incoming freshmen were not bound to USC (or any other school) until the first day of classes.

Imagine a freshman being unhappy with training camp. He could simply leave and go somewhere else if classes had not started.

“You took it easy on them to keep them around until the first day of class,” a former USC coach once told me.
  • Former USC tailback Ronald Jones, who is fighting for a starting spot with Tampa Bay, on his low reception numbers in college (32 catches in three seasons).

“My low career reception numbers in college was kind of based based on the offense and how we did things out there,” Jones said.

  • USC starts training camp in three days. Clay Helton said tailback Stephen Carr has recovered from back surgery but will be brought along slowly. Until Carr participates in full contact practices and proves his back can handle getting tackled, he will be a question mark.

8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  1. Carr was a viable receiving threat but his injuries kept his receptions numbers low. Jones had issues catching balls. I held my breath on every swing route attempt.

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    1. Carr does have better hands than Rojo —-until he’s hit real hard, that is [& then he has a tendency to turn the ball over].

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    2. So why wasn’t Jones to catch the ball better ? It’s the SOS with this straff, they don’t coach up anyone


  2. Who will start (if Carr isn’t ready yet) in lieu of him? Ced Ware or Malepeai? Ware may be ready to break out as a key backup. Maybe they bring Dom Davis back from CB, if needed? The cupboard is kind of bare after Ware and Malepeai, if Carr can’t go. I watched a replay of the WSU game from last year on Pac 12 Network late last night (I also went to the game), and Ronald Jones will be missed this year, and that’s an understatement. This year might get ugly, it was clear from watching the replay last night that Darnold (obviously), Rojo, Burnett and yes, even Lewis at WR who had a couple clutch drive-sustaining catches will be sorely missed this year. On D, being without Rasheem Green and Nwosu (and even Hawkins) is going to hurt, as well. Getting Gustin back helps. Having (now) four-year starter Marshall back does nothing for me. Buckle up, because this may be a 7-5 season, especially with Helton coaching. On a side note, I’m not sure Helton knows that TE is eligible to catch forward passes. Letting that tall kid go to Penn State was maddening, as he had great hands and was a very fluid route-runner. He could’ve easily started ahead of Petite, especially when Imortalphabet was hampered.


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