The Backwards Nature Of Recruiting

Several players already committed to USC — cornerback Chris Steele, wide receiver Drake London, wide receiver Munir McClain — announced today they were officially offered by USC.

Say what? If they committed then they were previously offered a scholarship, right?

Or is this some new social media thing, where you get an “official” offer after you commit, so you have one more thing to brag about? I’m pretty sure Steele and Co. did not simply commit without being offered a scholarship. So now they have been offered two scholarships?

The wonderful world of recruiting . . .

3 thoughts on “The Backwards Nature Of Recruiting

      1. So you heard the same rumor I did, Pudly: On the opening day of the season, Max has scheduled himself to be reinstalled as President in an elaborate half time celebration featuring the marching band and USC song girls.

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