USC Morning Buzz: Thursday Notes

Will Ohio State coach Urban Meyer’s final game be the Cotton Bowl victory over USC?

Meyer is on paid administrative leave at Ohio State following a report Meyer knew about a domestic violence incident involving a former Buckeyes assistant in 2015.

The game seems to have made a lasting impact on USC.

Porter Gustin said at Pac-12 media day the Trojans were not as big, strong or physical on the line of scrimmage as Ohio State.

“It fired us up or gave us that motivation to get bigger and stronger or get more food available for us and all those little things that you need for a team,” Gustin said.

More food? How about a new strength coach?

  • Linebacker Tayler Katoa is leaving USC and going on a two-year Mormon mission. He redshirted last season after tearing knee ligaments during spring practice in 2017. He will return to USC for the 2020 season.
  • A public viewing for former USC tailback Willie Brown will be held today at Second Baptist Church in Long Beach from 4-8 p.m. The church is located at 1471 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Thursday Notes

  1. How soon until Ken Hart show up here to bitch about Scott Wolf reporting about Gustin’s comments in this blog, or that this blog is deriding USC (which should never be criticized) for its questionable strength and conditioning coach? Anyone who criticizes or points out any faults that need improvement at SC is OBVIOUSLY “not a Trojan” and a “hater”, after all.

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    1. I predict that by the end of this season every coach in college football will be discharged or placed on leave…….


    2. I guess maybe it’s time for a new strength and conditioning coach when players publicly declare that they have collectively decided to assume personal responsibility for strength and conditioning.

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    1. Meyer brought this on himself – this isn’t a NCAA reg it’s a law he’s ignored and as much as far too many of these claims seem spurious this one – the gal did contact law enforcement – restraining order issued on and on.

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      1. Good point, Alv. There’s a difference, on the one hand, between a victim complaining that a coach failed to act on an incident that she herself reported—- and, on the other hand, a victim complaining that a coach failed to act on an incident that she herself has never reported to law enforcement.

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  2. Not sure you should be juxstaposing a football criticism of USC with these Ohio State abuse allegations. As an ESPN talking head mentioned this morning, conflating the issues is outrageous.

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  3. Instead of relying on more food to get bigger and more physical, how about using all of the days the NCAA allows to go full pads and just beat up on each other in practice? USC doesn’t use all the days the NCAA allows. You have to be more physical in practice to play that way in games.


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  4. The agency to handle domestic marital problems is the legal/court system and it is none of Meyers affair. None of ncaa business or OSU…. why are not people educated in legal system instead of the kangaroo courts of public opinion. Too many people are condemned without any juris prudence


    1. Beg to differ – if you, as an employee, in any educational system have knowledge of abuse you are required to report such – as a teacher I have to contact Family Services. Universities have strict protocols mandating reporting up their internal chain-of-command who then decide to forward such.

      I know it seems excessive but this isn’t 1988 ‘and’ Meyer knew or should have known, based on his wife knowing, this clown Smith was a monster. I would be stunned if OH St. fired him – they have a fan base and institutional mindset akin to a Red Sox or Cub fan – don’t show me facts…it never happened.


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