If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A Notes Column

USC opens training camp today at Howard Jones Field. The first practice is almost always uneventful.

They are not bad nor does anyone really stand out significantly in first practices. They are mainly a way to set the tone for the camp with the energy level and pace the most important things to keep an eye on.

it also will be more important once full contact starts how Stephen Carr’s back hold up then whether JT Daniels  completed a TD pass to Tyler Vaughns.

  • This is something worth mentioning from time to time. The NCAA is still waiting for the federal investigation to conclude before it starts looking into college basketball programs accused of wrongdoing.

This means the NCAA has not begun investigating USC yet. And it might not happen until former assistant coach Tony Bland goes through his federal court hearing.

  • Rick Caruso, the chairman of USC’s Board of Trustees, will recommend a recruitment firm Tuesday to the Board of Trustees for hiring a new president. The board is scheduled to vote on the formation of a presidential search committee.

The slow pace is why USC’s faculty is getting impatient, especially with Max Nikas still hanging around.

  • The HBO show “Ballers” includes a joke this season about the Pac-12 Network merging with a surfing channel to increase its distribution.
  • Offensive tackle Clayton Johnston has changed his name to Clayton Bradley to honor his stepdad.

16 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A Notes Column

  1. Lindy’s Sports has proposed (as one of the five changes they’d MOST like to see) that Fox Business Channel “become the exclusive channel” for November Pac 12 “elimination games”——to prevent Larry Scott from losing the first quarter of these game to truck racing by contracting with FS1 (as he did last season).
    I asked a friend what he thought would be the fallout from the Urban Meyer mess at Ohio State and all he said was, “well, to start with, the 10 teams ranked immediately below Ohio State can look forward to moving up one notch in the rankings.”

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      1. Pudly —There’s a good chance that Charlie and Jack Bauer will be changed people by the time we see them again…..


  2. Scooter, what time are the practices, are they actually going to hit everyday or just setve ice cream and sing songs, and why aren’t the practices open to the public?

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    1. P.T. —-This USC Athletic Department press release answers all your questions: “This fall we are closing football practices due to our belief the public will be not be interested in watching the team sing songs and eat ice cream.”

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    1. There is no lack of skill on the offensive side, P.T. There is a lack of toughness. I think the Defense will save us, though.


  3. Who is Scooter working for again? Is he even allowed onto Howard Jones w/o a press credential? Basement dweller journalist strikes again!


    1. I know of at least three “journalists” who attend and comment on every practice —-but, unfortunately, don’t know what they’re seeing. Throughout fall practice every year they laud receivers, corners and linemen who turn out to be total busts.


  4. Well those making fun of Scott might like the fact that His “replacement “ isn’t appearing in many papers. And the three fluff pieces we got earlier this week were not much more than an attempt to look relevant. With the Press Enterprise costing over 500$ a year I doubt I will see much more of his writing.


  5. Larry Scott is a piece of work. I have to know, did he ever play football? If he is such good commissioner, why is his Television station not available in all markets? Why are televised games back to back. What advantage is there in playing Friday night games in the LA market?

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