With Training Camp About To Start, Remember Playcalling

Former USC QB coach Tyson Helton, now the offensive coordinator at Tennessee, said today he received a text message from USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin that read, “I’m pulling for you.”

Martin, of course, is a former Tennessee quarterback.

But it would be a lot more interesting if Martin sent him a text saying, “Will someone else call the pass plays like at USC?”

Or maybe a text that says, “the new quarterbacks coach (at USC) will still call half the plays this season.”

It’s the one thing Clay Helton and his staff hate to acknowledge.


12 thoughts on “With Training Camp About To Start, Remember Playcalling

    1. That’s not going to be a given with a new QB, whoever he is.

      Also, USC has had a lingering problem with short yardage plays for years now and they haven’t been able to fix it. Tee Martin and his soft offense need to figure that out instead of texting other coaches around the league.


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    1. I’m not certain what Norm Chow’s up to these days, or if he would be willing to come back, Ken. Tom Herman is coaching at Texas, so he’s out, as well.


  1. The only thing missing is SC’s DNA and blood line which is total domination on the o line. The o line had been neutered to playing pu#sy football. U might as well put them in the putrid handicap colors and call them the ugly ruins. If the o line did what they did last year which was nothing, u can kiss the season good by and be out thousands of dollars.


  2. Helton should have got rid of Calloway and the dB coach and replace them with Drevino and the dB coach that was here and had coached at ugly


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