A Top 25 That Doesn’t Include USC

USC might be a consensus Top 15 team but they were left out of Sports Illustrated’s Top 25 poll.

No USC but Lane Kiffin is ranked 25th?

This is obviously a poll that will catch USC fans’ attention.


11 thoughts on “A Top 25 That Doesn’t Include USC

    1. Sports Illustrated should be more concerned about their own ranking, steveg. According to Phil Steele they rank 6th (out of 10 ranking systems) over the period of the last 10 years.


  1. Then there’s ‘the princess’ at # 16 and those Longhorns @ # 22. The latter makes absolute sense but the crafty cheatin’ Irish? Their ride is so sweet for them – 5 ACC opponents – toughest one FL St. @ So. Bend. Never play a CCG, never play Miami, Clemson or FL St. ‘on the road’ but once every 3+ years and never more than one of the three in a year. Toughest road game is against USC – ‘blanking’ con job every single year

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    1. You’re gonna feel better about the essential fairness of the universe, Alv, when Notre Dame leaves the coliseum humbled and defeated the evening of Saturday, November 24th.

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      1. Mike not sure that’ll happen with Helton at the wheel – a lot will be revealed after that game @ TX on 15th September. He loses that match-up it’s another notch in his self-inflicted inability to win against top-tier opponents on the road. Wouldn’t bother those who have little respect for Helton had he been chosen in a real ‘search’ instead of sliding in because of Sarkisian’s alcoholism.

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    1. Alv —even if we have a crappy year and Helton’s a goner (which I don’t expect to happen, by the way), I have a feeling we’re gonna teach Notre Dame a nice little lesson at the end of the year.

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      1. Yeah well as many elsewhere have noted – the sooner the grinnin’ back end of a donkey (Helton) is gone the better. Also as has been noted repeatedly – USC recruits itself….Helton gets justifiably fired he’s lucky if a Mountain State Conf. team hires him and he (Helton) knows it. Sure am impressed with them thar’ Western KY coaches pedigree he keeps on a hirin’


  2. it does not matter where you start but where you finish. If SC goes undefeated, LOL, then they will be in the playoffs. They will have played at least three or four teams in the top 25.


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