USC Morning Buzz: Quarterbacks Always Lead The Way

Although Jack Sears has improved, JT Daniels is the not-at-all surprising leader three days into training camp

Have you heard much about Matt Fink?

The table is being set for Daniels to start the UNLV game, where he will get a test run and then face the tough road games at Stanford and Texas.

Frankly, even if Daniels were not ahead, I think he would start because Helton knows he has the best chance to win with Daniels.

“Timing, decision-making and accuracy, when they’re good at that, whoever’s the best at that, is how the decision is going to be made,” USC quarterbacks coach Bryan Ellis said.

Sears threw a 40-yard TD pass to Josh Imatorbhebhe on Monday but will need to do a lot more to get ahead of Daniels.


9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Quarterbacks Always Lead The Way

  1. It isn’t inconceivable—-although its probably unlikely —-that Sears wins the qb position. Observers of Fall practice say he looks ALMOST as sharp with his passes as J. T. —-and he’s way more of a threat with his feet. In the end, though, it’s going to come down to an old fashioned thing called ‘leadership’ —-and J. T. has Sears beat by two light years in that department.
    [Speaking of observers of Fall practice, Dan Weber needs to spend all 11 minutes of his next YouTube video speaking in a soft whisper and looking directly into Keely Eure’s eyes—-no more watching the grass grow while he’s being interviewed.


  2. I would hesitate to ascribe any suspect motivations to Helton and staff in the QB selection process. I could simply be that Daniels is the real deal, and it could be a rather obvious pick.

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    1. All true, L. R. And add to that analysis the fact that J. T. is a born leader — while Sears is a talented athlete. J. T. is the guy you want in the game if we’re down 4 points with two minutes to go in the Texas game. [Whoever Helton picks better get 95% of the snaps in the UNLV game —they’re gonna need all the game experience they can get].


      1. I don’t think it will happen but,


        USC did win the Rose Bowl that year.

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  3. Hey Blogger,

    How about some throwback pics of 1995 QB’s Brad Otton and Kyle Wachholtz who alternated quarters every game that year? You want to talk about QB competition, Robinson strung it out all year!

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  4. Good point, marvienna. One plus to playing both Sears and Daniels every week is that it would really screw with the opposing defensive coordinator’s game prep. [One BIG minus is that both guys are as inexperienced as you can get, and there’s a chance they’d never get into the flow of the position].

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  5. any word on the oline? It won’t matter who starts if the qb is on his back acting like a drunk if he is pounded all day long because the oline won’t block.

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  6. What could go wrong? Will they make a Taiwanese cartoon showing Wolf/Kiff/and JT? My life won’t be complete until then.


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