Interception Update

Jack Sears and Matt Fink threw interceptions today, which makes it even easier for Clay Helton to name JT Daniels the starter.

Of course, two years ago Sam Darnold threw far fewer interceptions than Max Browne and it did not matter. But lesson learned.

Meanwhile, Porter Gustin was carted off the field after injuring his knee. He tried to walk it off before being taken away in the cart.

UPDATED: Gustin will undergo an MRI tonight.


10 thoughts on “Interception Update

    1. steveg –I totally agree that Porter getting hurt is a big deal —it could be a huge deal, in fact. USC’s 2018 defense was being built around Gustin’s speed, strength and senior leadership. Maybe it’s not enough for the players to “eat right & take good care of themselves.” Maybe a first rate Strength and Conditioning coach would stem the growing tide of injuries USC has suffered under Helton.
      As far as Scott’s job at the Daily News —-nobody ever got let go at that paper for bad writing. Scott’s column was head and shoulders over the usual crap that made it into that joke of a newspaper.


      1. This morning Joey tried “oh snap” to bring up rusty center play. And my version of the syndicate had a couple page story about the new toy in town coach Kelly. USC is old news to the paper.
        I only hope Porter can get back to speed soon.

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      2. I just love being snarky with him. I believe Gustin is one of those guys that is in perfect shape, if not overdeveloped if that is possible. I have heard that guys are coming in this year bigger and stronger than ever. I see Ware is 20 pounds heavier this season alone.

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    2. Well I guess…then again haven’t we all seen and heard of this ‘condition’ already? USC recruits itself…the world doesn’t revolve around Gustin and if Helton recruited well (and he does) it’ll be evident moving forward…good luck Gustin…next?


  1. You sound a little crestfallen that J.T. is more likely to be named the starter. Fear not, Scottie – J.T. will take care of us in our time of need.

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  2. I hope Porter is not seriously hurt. Porter helped train his replacement, Hunter Echols during the off season. They both were in the weight room about twice a day banging and clanging the weights together. He is a redshirt freshman. he is a little underweight, but is lightening fast. He watched and listen to Porter on the field. We will see how he does this season. He is number 31.

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