Morning Buzz: USC Takes Controversial Lineman

Bernard Schirmer, the controversial offensive lineman who made headlines in 2016 when he appeared to strike a referee during a game against Ventura College, has decided to attend USC.

Schirmer was expected last month to attend Utah.

“We vetted for three months, talking to administrators, coaches and counselors at Mt. SAC and also had a chance to sit down with his family this summer,” USC coach Clay Helton said. “We learned that we were dealing with a tremendous young man, a great student and a great person.”

Schirmer was never charged by the Ventura County district attorney’s office because investigators were not sure they could convince jurors the contact was made intentionally and on purpose.

Schirmer said he often attempted to calm himself down by hitting himself on the helmet and accidentally hit the referee. You can see video of the incident here.

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Dave Campo has joined the USC staff as a defensive consultant. Hopefully he will not be a yes man to Clancy Pendergast.


19 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Takes Controversial Lineman

    1. I guess we need to read between the lines here —- Campo is anything but a yes man —-he’s politely being eased into Ronnie Bradford’s job (same as Drevno is politely being eased into Callaway’s job).

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      1. I don’t know if Campo is being eased into Ronnie Bradford’s job. Seems a stretch for a 71 year old man. How many years does he have left? I would think an heir apparent would come from a younger GA.

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      2. Thanks so much for the update, Pudly! [So we probably don’t have Porter for Stanford? Or Texas]?

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    2. marvienna — you may be right —but have you listened to Campo do analysis recently? The guy is still a perpetual energy machine. And he really ‘gets’ how to handle players —enthusiastic players, egotistical players, slow learners —all kinds of players.


      1. If Campo is as you say he is, then it’s a good hire.

        Might even be worth it to look at his coaching tree to find some guys USC can bring aboard in the future.


    1. Campo has proven himself many times over as a brilliant defensive backs coach —“proven” as in Super Bowl proven. Why, he might even have saved the career of a talented kid named Jack Jones.

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    1. jmeth —The world will not know or appreciate the full richness & meaning of the phrase ‘clown college’ until September 8, 2018 (UCLA vs Oklahoma).


      1. Mickey,
        The Clown College designation is yours and yours alone. You earned that moniker several fiascos ago and not limited to Athletics by any means.
        You earned it even before Haden, Puliafito, Tyndall or Fast Max.
        Wear it with pride, it’s yours for life.
        Not to worry, a football building year for us with the best Pac 12 coach of his time (all time?) as our foundation. True he may not be the genius that is Clay Helton, but he’ll do for now.
        In the meantime it’s fun to watch the Daily Trojan drama with Fast Max who is fired but not really gone.
        Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


  1. We will enough level headed athletes on the field to keep this passionate student on the level. I am betting that there was a lot of talk among all parties before the trigger was pulled. Everyone knew who he was someone had to believe his story.


    1. Sure Steve,
      You can just look at recent history at Ol’ SoCal to see what great thinking and decision making has been exhibited.
      I think the NCAA may have gotten it wrong.
      Maybe it wasn’t Lack of Institutional Control, maybe it was Lack of Intellectual Control.


  2. Budda,

    I do believe in second chances. But with a caveat, I need to know for certain that the action will not happen again. If it does, then they are gone. I think Helton told him the same thing. At least I am hoping.

    I think he realizes that he has a great opportunity and his sister will be attending SC as well. I think he does not want to embarrass his sister nor his family and lose a scholarship that is worth equal to a house.

    Let us see what happens. Thank you.


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