Porter Gustin Update

Clay Helton said Porter Gustin will have surgery tomorrow to repair a slightly torn meniscus and face a 2-4 week recovery.

Ajene Harris was out three weeks and Rasheem Green two following similar operations, Helton said.

With UNLV the first game, it doesn’t really matter if Gustin is back for that.

7 thoughts on “Porter Gustin Update

  1. Maybe time to give Levi Jones some run? I’ve loved the ‘idea’ of Porter, but so far, he’s mostly just been that…


    1. Don’t pick a specific player to fill in. With the good LB recruits that just came in, let them all compete against each other for playing time during Fall Camp and,




  2. A poster over on 247’s pay boards commented that after seeing Porter in person, that it looked to him that Porter may not have the bone density and structure to handle all that muscle mass, especially when playing a high impact sport. Of course he was shot down by the hundreds of know-it-all MD’s and Ph.D’s who post on that board, but, I don’t know, maybe he is on to something.

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    1. It’s possible Porter has a bone density problem —it’s also possible that he’s always getting hurt cuz (1) he plays with total & insane abandon (which is a pleasure to watch up until he gets his teeth knocked out or breaks something) and/or (2) he isn’t being properly attended to by USC’s conditioning program. Why do I think that Porter will be another in a long line of often injured USC player who plays in the NFL for 10 years without ever getting hurt again?


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