USC Morning Buzz: Personnel Thoughts

If USC played a game today, here is the starting secondary:

Iman Marshall, Ajene Harris and Isaiah Langley at cornerback. Marvell Tell and Bubba Bolden.

That’s a solid group but not dominating. Do you disagree? The problem is the hype for the entire defense seems a bit much heading into the season and I mention the secondary because to doesn’t blow anyone away. Maybe if a freshman or two emerges it might. But not right now.

  • Clay Helton on tailback Stephen Carr’s first practice in full pads since returning from back surgery: “Did not look tentative running between the tackles.”
  • Kicker Chase McGrath is currently sidelined with a knee injury.

7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Personnel Thoughts

  1. I heard a term A -weenie Harris because he kept going for the ball without success. Instead of making the play he was taking himself out of the play last year. Hopefully he has learned his position, otherwise we get beat when he gets beat .


  2. Actually if you read around the different national sites the defense at USC is being downplayed, mostly due to yardage given up last season. Keep bad mouthing them but I am sensing something different this year, if USC stays healthy.


  3. One thing that hasn’t changed now that Wolf is fired and living at home – his blatant lack of care for proper grammar and using an editor:

    “because to doesn’t blow anyone away”


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