Palaie Gaoteote Suffers Torn Meniscus

Linebacker Palaie Gaoteote suffered a torn meniscus, just like Porter Gustin, and will undergo surgery Monday. That’s two linebackers in one week with a torn meniscus. Coincidence? Or does this have to do with a drill or training method?

Gaoteote will be out 2-4 weeks.


8 thoughts on “Palaie Gaoteote Suffers Torn Meniscus

  1. I hope it is a coincidence, these things happen. However if it is a case of bad techniques or poor equipment, they should be able to spot it on practice film.


  2. When you were a student at USC were you made fun of by the football team? Maybe pants? You seem bitter. Get over whatever it was and move on. Be a better person Scott.

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  3. Gentlemen, to assume that it is poor drills is not right. We need to know specifically how they were injured. They could have done it in drill, live action, or walking to practice. I’m hoping it is just coinindence


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