USC Saturday Buzz

USC will scrimmage today at the Coliseum. Each quarterback will have two drives to showcase their skills.

Again, though, the coaches have confidence in JT Daniels. So unless someone else can be better than Daniels, they will have a tough time beating him out. The biggest thing Jack Sears and Matt Fink have going for them is Clay Helton’s cautious nature.

  • Defensive back Jamel Cook, who transferred to South Carolina, has applied to the NCAA for immediate eligibility.

16 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

  1. Sure hope Jamal Cook , A GREAT Recruit originally from Florida who once was committed to USC but don’t he played MUCH IF AT ALL 4 the Trojans, (Their MISTAKE, and I’m a BIG USC Trojan fan), gets CLEARED TO IMMEDIATELY PLAY 4 South Carolina!!! A GREAT PICK-Up for The Gamecocks & a Great Place for him 2 SHOWCASE his super ABILITIES!!! I Really LIKE THIS KID!!! USC simply missed on this BALLER!!! (And it was never REALLY explained), EXTREMELY Happy 4 JAMAL!!! -Percy Clifford Payne, 8/11/2018.

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    1. Percy,

      Cook is gonna be a name we hear from while in college. Pendergast and Bradford are gonna change ESPN or walk out of the room whenever the Gamecocks are mentioned because they let a good football player walk away when all the Trojan Football sites who were at practice all said Jamel Cook looks ready for a bigger role in the defense. Then when games were played no Cook. I think Gary P or Daryl Rideaux were the only ones who at least mentioned “we still have yet to see Jamel Cook”.

      It’s in his bloodlines. But he’s gonna say Pendergast is wack.
      I agree.


  2. Cook had opportunities, and he’s a great kid. He just didn’t step up when the lights were brightest in 11 on 11 settings. Maybe a place like the other USC will help him get his feet wet. But yes, he’s a physical freak.


  3. Very smart observation, Scott. Each quarterback has a chance —largely due to Helton’s disinclination to hurt anybody’s feelings. But a lot of Trojan fans and supporters are gonna be real pissed if the coach doesn’t hurt TWO quarterbacks feelings real fast…..and name a starter. The receivers need to start working with and rallying around ONE quarterback as soon as possible if everybody’s gonna be ready for Stanford and Texas. Make the call, coach, and live with it.

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    1. What I have read around is that JT is doing well, but the other two are not out of the running yet. I am sure the staff all understands the urgency to get to a #1 and cement him in. This time around I think Helton will name the guy and then stick with it. To me any one of the three could be a success at QB for USC.


  4. Not only that but his best chance is to go with Daniels because USC and Helton need to win the first three games to firmly establish Heltons and USC’s new legacy and silence those doubts about his judgement. If Daniels struggles Helton has two decent backups.

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  5. Plenty of time to decide who will start. He will decide. He needs the qbs know that they have a chance so they will place to their best capabilities.


    1. We’ve only heard one side of the story, of course. But— if that side turns out to be true—-Rick Court is crazy, Alv. Real, REAL crazy.


  6. The first sign of trouble in the backfield the haters will be all over Helton regardless of which quarterback he starts. I was with him when he started Browne because he was the known player, but it didn’t turn out well. Now the world is daring him to start Daniels. What happens if Daniels needs more polish at the end of the first half? Helton has got to have a backup this time.

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    1. You’re probably right about the Helton haters, S. W. But let me give you the perspective of a non hater. After seeing all three quarterbacks throw since players practices, Daniels is the best pure thrower. Sears is very close —and he has more experience and better legs. The difference maker, to my mind, is the offense seems to work better when Daniels is in.
      Maybe that’s cuz Daniels is a better leader. We’ll find out in an hour or so who looked better with live ammunition firing. Whoever that is, Helton needs to start getting the team to rally around “that guy.” We start playing for real in three weeks.


    1. Read this morning’s Times – he’s decided – also have a good in-depth article per Pete Arbogast by Plaschke. The kid Daniels is probably headed for the same trajectory as Darnhold and just might get that elusive ‘NC’ missing since 2005. Stanford and TX games will be the revelator.


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