JT Daniels, Amon-Ra St. Brown Shine In USC Scrimmage

USC’s top quarterback and wide receiver appear to be freshmen: JT Daniels completed 10 of 12 passes with four touchdowns and no interceptions while fellow Mater Dei teammate Amon-Ra St. Brown caught three TD passes in the Trojans’ first scrimmage of training camp.

“Oooh mercy, what a nice day he had today,” Clay Helton  said of St. Brown.

St. Brown is not like the recent batch of receivers the past couple seasons who fail to stand out. While Daniels is going to start, as expected.

Jack Sears was 7 of 10 with two touchdown passes.

USC’s offensive line and secondary remain questionable.

Helton said he might wait until the first week of the season to name a starting QB.

Wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe injured his ankle.



18 thoughts on “JT Daniels, Amon-Ra St. Brown Shine In USC Scrimmage

    1. It’s ALL up to Coach Helton now, Alv. He needs to get J. T. as many reps as he can before we play Stanford. Every rep given to Fink, from here on, should be seen as an opportunity to season J. T. that’s gone wasted. This is gonna be very tough for Helton [who is a ‘split the difference’ kind of decision maker]. He needs to be “all in” in order to maximize J. T.’s potential —-and I’m not sure he’s temperamentally up for that.

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      1. Couldn’t respond to you below, but there is video of the td’s (at least StBrown’s) on twitter. They did look contested as Helton said and were very good catches by a kid many rated as the top receiver in the class. Still I’d have hoped at least one or two could’ve been knocked down, but I’ve gotta give Amon-Ra credit.

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  1. Makes sense that teammates from high school would click faster in practice and after seeing them in an all star game I think they have chemistry that could be the difference maker. The best player plays until someone else bests them.

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  2. Josh I – man, you need some good luck and fast. You and your bro need to stay healthy.. Everyone loves you guys and your parents. Get back, quick! And FIGHT ON!

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  3. When 2 true freshman, one a QB, shred your defense, you know you have problems. And then the backup QB who hasn’t played for years does almost the same thing, can anyone say 7-5 here we come ? The DB’s are supposed to be experienced, they’ve been starters for how many years ?

    And it’s no coincidence that the 2 area’s that look like trouble are coached by the worst coaches on the staff, Bradford and Callaway, and that’s saying something with this bunch of rejects. Gomer apparently cannot attract top coaches, then again, when SC pays peanuts for assistants while top programs pay top dollar, well you get what you pay for.

    And typical Gomer stating that he’ll name a starting QB the first week of the season, the guy has no balls, name him now you putz. Do you think St Brown will start or does some WR whose been in the program longer deserve the start just because he’s put in his time ?

    And least Gomer didn’t say ” Oh mercy nurse ” RIP Tom Kelly

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    1. Mild defense of Clay re: Bradford.

      Remember that Clancy is, allegedly, a DB coach. And that Bradford was Clancy’s choice as DB coach. Since Clay was the one who hired BKE and moved Nansen to LBs, Bradford is 100% on Clancy. That Clancy feels he has to employ Campo as a DB consultant speaks volumes.

      Interesting that the one area of the defense that seems to have made the biggest strides in the two-plus years since Clay has been permanent HC is the DL, and the current DL coach doesn’t really get along with Clancy.

      Time to reevaluate the entire Clancy Pendergast experience.

      As for the O-Line. Calloway is all on Clay

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      1. It’s possible the db’s aren’t as terrible as all those touchdowns made them look. I wish I could have seen the coverage rather than have to depend on Dan Weber’s description of it (but, on the other hand, I’m happy that it’s not on tape —less for opposing teams to study) —but, according to Weber, our db’s were right on top of every play, fighting Amon for every ball. It’s possible the completions were just a case of Amon being a premier talent. The o-line, though, is a different story —in drills they looked terrible. Same old story —they either get whipped or they hold.
        You’re right about the d-line. UK is a great coach. If we lose him, we’re fucked.

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      2. I’ll agree with that, but Gomer is the head coach, supposedly, he shouldn’t be told by his DC who he’ll hire, it should be the other way around.

        BKU doesn’t get along with CP because he wants to be on the field coaching his players not in the booth watching, Clancy should be in the booth not on the field, it’s all ass backwards but look who is in charge of this staff, GOMER

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    2. SC will be better than 7-5 this year —but however many losses we do suffer, they’ll be on Bradford and Callaway. Coach Helton is too good for his own good —he doesn’t want to dump two coaches who’ve been loyal to him. The result? He’s bringing in a coach and a consultant to babysit Bradford and Callaway. But that’s not enough —they need to be gone. And you’re right about it being a mistake not to do the obvious thing and pick Daniels now and get it over with. Again, Helton is thinking ‘gee, I hate to dump on two quarterbacks who are trying so hard to keep up —maybe I’ll just waste Fall practice dragging my decision out.’ The way I look at it, every single interception Daniels throws against Stanford and Texas is a result of Helton not giving him every rep til then.

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      1. You mean Gomer is to loyal for his own good, he really isn’t ” good ” at anything.

        Gomer is a nice man, he would make a wonderful pastor, youth counselor boy scout leader, etc, he’s not head coaching material, he just isn’t tough enough for the job. Lombardi, Noll, Landry, McKay, Bellichick even Bill Walsh was a hard ass in practice, Gomer just isn’t that type of guy.


      1. You’re right, Karma. Hopefully— since o-line is Drevno’s specialty—he’s helping the woeful Callaway out with his job —but, if the o-line under-performs AGAIN, it’s all on Callaway (and Coach Helton). Nothing works without an o-line playing top notch football.

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  4. Hey Pudly —-I checked out the catches! All I can say, besides joining you in the wish that our db’s could knock some of those balls loose, is that at least our defensive backs were in position to make a play on the ball (unlike Jack Jones last year —who apparently never got coached up).


  5. Scooter, u don’t mention how the other receivers did. Stop drooling and be objective and report the entire practice. How many sacks were there and other stuff as well


  6. Guys, to get a better understanding about yesterday, read Gary Paskweitz’s report. It gives you a better idea on what happened. The receivers were going for jump balls and were coming down them against the db’s. I feel a little better but the o line will either make or break this team. That is on Callaway.


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