Did You Learn Anything With Spring Practice 40 Percent Over?

These are the big revelations from Saturday’s scrimmage:

  • JT Daniels lost 10 pounds! This is good because a USC coach used to tell me last season, “Does he look like a football player?”
  • A big running back (Markese Stepp) is hard to stop. And even harder to get on the field last year. Stepp got only 7 carries last season.
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown can can make long TD catches. He caught three in his first August scrimmage. Someone tell the coaches because St. Brown caught only 20 passes from Games 3-9 last season.
  • Clay Helton was in brown-noser mode, talking about how excited he was to welcome Carol Folt and complimenting interim president Wanda Austin, who will return to being on the Board of Trustees. If Folt and Austin are as smart as Helton makes them out to be, they won’t keep him around after the season. But then Austin defended Helton last week.

What I find more interesting is how two players who had a bright start initially (quarterback Kedon Slovis, linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu) didn’t even practice this week. That means they were out two weeks because USC was on Spring Break last week.


11 thoughts on “Did You Learn Anything With Spring Practice 40 Percent Over?

  1. Always a pessimistic wanker. Literally every other writer who covers the team says this spring has been an improvement.

    Does Scottie look like a professional jouranalist? If wearing soccer club sweatshirts with nacho stains is writing attire, then yes, yes he does look like a journalist. Now if he could only write like one.

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    1. According to Dan Weber, the injury came on a play where the ball was clearly uncatchable [and Talinoa could’ve just watched it sail out out of bounds]. It’s good they’re practicing with this kind of intensity. Guys will get bruised but it’s gonna pay off in the end.

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      1. Long as he didn’t rebreak it (collarbone). We need to get another transfer that can come in and be an insurance policy against this. Pola-Mao has had two straight seasons with bad shoulders and it doesn’t make me very comfortable.

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    1. As a matter of fact, I was! Actually, the Wall debuted on 2/9/73 at Stanford. I was at the one as well. Hope you got to see them with the Wall. Obviously, the best outdoor/indoor audio system ever conceived to this day. Incredibly clear and clean. Saw them a month or two later at Kezar. A grand and glorious time in San Francisco.i was actually listening to the Kezar tape this AM. Thanks!

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      1. Evidently these people claimed it wasn’t finished until this concert. Yup had to be heard to be believed. First Tim was Santa Barbra.

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      2. Actually at the Stanford gig, let’s just say they were a few bugs. They were hauling off amps and speakers in the middle of the show. So it didn’t work as planned. The Cow Palace show was great and they definitely had it worked out.

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  2. I’ve learned the new offense has just about everybody looking forward to seeing our playmakers unleashed. A letting of the dogs out, if you will.

    I’ve learned that our DL and DB coaches have already bumped those groups up a peg or three.

    I’ve learned that between you, and a few of the regular posters in this room, I often wonder why I even burn the time to come in here. But then realize that three or four steaming piles of brain dead chit does not a room make.

    Fight The Friggin Hell On

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