Did Wanda Austin Really Say This About Clay Helton?

Former USC linebacker Riki Ellison posted on Facebook that he attended a reception in Washington, D.C., with interim president Wanda Austin and claimed she said the following about Clay Helton.

“He’s not drinking, doing drugs, or sleeping around….he’s won a Rose Bowl and a Pac-12 championship, and has these kids graduating at an 86% rate. He has my vote of confidence. We’ll win again.”

The first part of that quote is something else. Below is the post:


21 thoughts on “Did Wanda Austin Really Say This About Clay Helton?

  1. I’m just glad that John McKay isn’t around to hear Wanda deliver her essay on the qualifications necessary to serve as Head Coach of the USC Trojans….

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      1. 67 —Wanda seems like a nice person in over her head. The BOT needs to do her a favor —out of love—- and relieve her of her responsibilities as this scandal (and the resulting litigation) grows. But —before she leaves —someone needs to guide her through the actual Helton record —- winning a Rose Bowl WITH Darnold, losing a Cotton Bowl WITH Darnold (and losing BIG), and getting his butt kicked by all the new boys on the Pac 12 block in 2018.

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  2. If she said that, I have no doubt that Mr. Ellison quoted her perfectly, she should be fired just for the words that came out of her mouth. She says, He’s not drinking, doing drugs, or sleeping around…”. The words seem very unprofessional and to insinuate that he or other coaches are doing that is undermining the coaches and themselves personally. It sounded like she even failed Ebonics.

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    1. What a complete embarrassment to the University. Helton wasn’t hired to be a saint. He is a football coach. The fact that she’s more worried about his private life than his job performance, shows how PC she is. By her standard John McKay would be unable to coach football.
      I’ll wager she is completely clueless about football and its place in the school. She reminds me of the lady who asked why the guy with ball always runs toward the guys on the other team during the kickoff.


      1. I don’t think she’s a ‘….nice person….’ She moved on some ‘metoo’ agenda in ousting Marshall Dean Jim Ellis. She’s a feminazi with a smile …. longer she’s there the worst the entire situation will become – she’s already shown her priorities … a bona fide ‘socialist’

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    1. Now that you really mention it ! But, let’s take a step back and consider the following people involved in ruining the university through greed, ignorance, lying or just plain dishonesty: Wanda Austin, Lynn Swann, Mike Garrett, O.J. Mayo, Reggie Bush, Bubba Bolden, O.J. Simpson, Tony Bland, Josh Shaw, Mark Ridley Thomas.

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      1. Tebow is right – you made a huge omission in not citing Pat Haden. That clown plundered the Mayr Foundation and once again USC was directly involved.


    1. Lynn Swann said it best. All he cares about is a coach that tries his best, graduates kids, and stays out of trouble. That is good enough to keep CH.
      He made no mention of winning championships or Rose Bowls.
      As a big Cult fan, keep them out of this!

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