Was Anyone Suspicious Of Donna Heinel’s Activities?

If Lynn Swann is notoriously not involved in day-to-day operations, were there other employees who had a suspicion something might be going on?

The court documents revealed an admissions official asked Donna Heinel why one of the students was not on a team? Heinel said the student was injured.

USC women’s soccer coach Keidane McAlpine asked who a female student was that was allegedly on his roster? Some people were asking questions. So who knew something? Time for that internal investigation!

A funny aside: USC coaches tell me Jovan Vavic used to complain openly about Heinel denying admission to his prospective athletes. Somewhere along the line, they must have patched things up.

  • USC said it will deny admission to six applicants linked to the college admissions scandal. How long until it decides what to do with the ones that are already enrolled?

22 thoughts on “Was Anyone Suspicious Of Donna Heinel’s Activities?

  1. This gets curiouser and curiouser. Where are the official statements of outrage from Pat Haden, J.K. McKay, C.L. Max Nikias and Clay Helton ?

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  2. I say bring in Ricky Ellison as the president and AD. He is very articulate, smart, determined, above reproach, and he takes no prisoners. He would have people bouncing on their ears within days. He could get Scud, Michael Gurianio (sp) Pudly, and Cal75 to run the Athletic dept. Get Tim Leftwich, Just Rent, and Budda on the BOT’s. No holds bar and kick out the losers. Hold Max, Swann, Haden to the coals and see who squeals first. Have the Wolf take over Tessalone’s job.

    Where was the turkey while this was going down? he scrutinizes on who is interviewed so he had to know who was actually an athlete and who wasn’t.

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    1. I’m not getting near the Athletic Department unless you come with me, p.t…
      By the way, what do you think Urban Meyer’s response is gonna be now if his wife says, “Honey —it’s Lynn Swann on the phone.”

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      1. Ha! Urban and Reggie look more and more like Doris Day each passing moment…..

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      2. Michael,

        I coming with u to take no prisoners. I will ask one question to the coaches and that is, “Are you here for USC, the preamble and the kids are u here for yourself. If there is a hesitancy, they are fired. One Coach who stays is Harrell. The rest are expendable. To destroy the heritage, the history, and promenance of a sports program that has won the most Olympic Gold, the most baseball championships, the most track championships, and the numerous all Americans is down right disgusting

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  3. Haden’s affection for Heilen and her promotion was due to her treating Haden’s sonny boy for autism – the same that also came out of the closet. The wealthy husband of and father of Lori Laughlin – J. Mossimo Giannulli – per today;s front page LA Times “….traveled to Augusta-GA, home of the masters Golf Tournament, with USC’s athletic director in 2016, according to the affidavit. It is unclear whether he was speaking of the current ‘ad’ or his predecessor, Pat Haden.”

    Haden is now getting pulled back – what did he know and when did he know it specific to der nordic Obergruppenfuher Donna Heilen – he’s the one who promoted her and just after that came out with his self-serving ‘pro-gay’ pronouncement against the state of NC legislation protecting small businesses from pressure from LGBQT.

    This is just the start but nothing serious until a new president is named

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  4. Suspicions for years… Look at all the athletes that quit their teams after one year and never even play. Also current and former mens and women’s tennis programs certainly need to be investigated along with former women’s basketball coach Cynthia Cooper. Keep this information in mind as the investigation proceeds. Keep an eye on the names Peter Smith, Alison Swain, Richard Gallien, West Nott, Cynthia Cooper, Chris Wooten, and more. The morally corrupt Donna Heinel had ties to Swain in Massachusetts keep in mind its a big jump to go from a D3 coach to a D1 coach. Suspicious of Cynthia Cooper as she always seemed to be just a little to comfortable in her position prior to stepping down. Peter Smith is currently doing something illegal with one of the volunteer assistant coaches on his team so just because these are small market non grossing sports do not be fooled.

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    1. If anything that is the breeding ground for this con – those coaching slots don’t pay much and that’s what a crook like Singer was hoping der leutnant Heilen could find….and she did boy did she ever.


      1. @rusoviet also one might question things like how in some of these non grossing sports the coaches were living in 1.6+ million dollar homes. According to public records I found WP and mens tennis coaches only had $200,000 left to pay on their mortgages. Much more needs to be investigated involving these non-revenue sports and how these coaches are living so lavishly. I wonder who Heinel’s working with? Also coincidentally Magdi El Shahawy just left right before the scandal broke. He was the sport administrator for several non-revenue sports. I wonder how much the athletic department knew. Lynn Swan is on the deny everything trail.


  5. while I do agree people should be fired and civil laws were violated and heavy fines should be imposed if found guilty, I do not believe it meets the intent of criminal racketeering laws concerning the parents and children.
    Maybe the law can be stretched to the originator and admin people of the schools who manipulated intentionally, but it is and was not the intent of this law for Org Crime Mobs and vast Gangs. I hate to see a wrong precedence set on such a law. Maybe the Board will act sooner than later now and appt a real president of the Univ


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