Washington 78, USC 75

And USC is out of the Pac-12 Tournament.

Jonah Mathews, Kevin Porter and Nick Rakocevic each scored 17 points and Bennie Boatwright added 16 in a losing effort. On the bright side, USC made 10 of 12 free throws.

Now the question is whether USC, with a 16-17 record, can sneak into the NIT?

Thanks, Enfield!

Here is Andy Enfield after the game:

“This is the microcosm of our whole season, the last three minutes, because we’ve been in so many close games, and we made some crucial mistakes — turnovers, missed free throws, missed shots, not getting stops.”

On the final turnover by Rakocevic:

“That’s called a five-man special. We want our worst ball handler and slowest guy handling the ball and throwing it out-of-bounds. We called that play in timeout about eight minutes before.”

16 thoughts on “Washington 78, USC 75

  1. Seasons over . What a year for USC athletics. Losing record in basketball and football. Despite having better talent than most Pac12 teams in both sports.

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  2. How does Andyain’twinning, after a six-year bozo run, retain his Clown U HC BB program employment?

    2018 – 2019: 1) 8 – 10 conf.; 2) 16 – 17 Overall – that include 6 standard Andyain’twinning home cupcake games.

    So, the veteran Clownsters are a cool 10 – 17 in competitive BB games.

    Andrew is 44 – 64 is all-time in Pac-12 Conf. games.

    Will Swanny extend Andyain’twinnings contract out to 2025 or 6?

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  3. why call it a microcosm of the season? …more properly its how the entire Enfield regime has gone…. not even disappointing, more like completely awful… another terrible choice by Haden (perhaps the time as ND’s color guy destroyed his little grey cells?) Getting rid of Enfield should be a no brainer…but with Swan, loosing is a way of life….

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  4. I disagree with most comments here…as usual,,I see enfield as a coach who has had an admin that worked against the team since they are still too afraid to take on ncaa or any thing in defense of any athlete…add to that 2 yrs of injuries that hit starters mostly…I hope next yr and believe it could be a winner…with this coach


  5. Another Enfield melt down at the end. What crap after the time out.
    He is a terrible close game coach. His reputation was dunk city in
    Florida with one very lucky season which of course Haden fell in amor
    of him and his model wife. The wins this season were all vs. garbage
    teams including a bad Arizona squad twice. They lost 17 games!


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