Report: Lori Loughlin’s Daughters Not Returning To USC

TMZ with another scoop: Olivia and 20-year-old Isabella Giannulli have decided not to return to USC for fear of bullying.

They are the daughters of actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli and the most prominent figures in the case.

“Our sources say the family feels certain, if the girls went back to USC, they would be “viciously bullied.” So, the decision has been made.”

How will the crew team survive?

Well, this probably saves Rick Caruso (and his yacht) a big headache.

Full story here

18 thoughts on “Report: Lori Loughlin’s Daughters Not Returning To USC

    1. All you rah rahs on your high horse! Give these 19 and 20 year olds a break!! It’s not like they double murdered two people by cutting off their domes or jumped off a building to get away from the police and lied and said they jumped to save a drowning in nephew. They are just spoiled kids who wanted go to University of Spoiled Children.

      In all seriousness they are just kids! It’s the likes of Singer and Heinel who deserve to go to jail! They are not “bimbos or sluts” they are at worst entitled kids. Do they really belong in jail with the likes of OJ Simpson, Dixon and Osa? Cheaters like Bush and Mayo didn’t get nearly as much crap from you rah rahs!



      1. Your a complete asshole. How about your boy Billy Don Jackson the ‘ruins murderer who was illiterate and in Westwood High. Your Chemistry Lab
        fiasco, and all the rapes in that lower class town near the V.A.


      2. Not much there to argue with save the usual envy that this post reeks of. Look I get it that you never stood a chance to get into a top tier school – we all see that in your incessant need to scream using your keyboard. But hey loser an MBA degree from DeVry is still something you can use someplace right?

        Just stay ‘safe and sappy’ over on the westside of LA and keep those ‘lattes’ a comin’ ‘barista boy’ but don’t let your shift supervisor find you typing away….he’s got another crowd of losers just like you waiting.

        Man wooden was such a cowardly piece of dog exhaust….a gutless clown


  1. They obviously did not learn the slogan “Fight On!” while they were at Troy.

    They should stay and earn their way to graduating. They obviously aren’t very bright and may not end up valedictorians but graduating with maybe a C average is still graduating with a college degree.




  2. Good. They obviously don’t deserve to be there anyway. Just one whole, shitty, TMZ dream-filled clusterfuck. This embarrassment (of the many) will linger for quite sometime. And Flow and TMZ will forever have fresh material.

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  3. This latest USC scandal is right down Wolf’s alley. He can pump out 4-5 blurbs a day, taking USC to task at every turn. Such a shame that they (USC) deserve every slam he proffers. Bernie, Pocahontas, now Beto – and USC. What a world we live in.

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  4. Turns out the guy who blew the whistle and ratted out the whole thing was the father of one of my daughter’s soccer teammates (Morrie Tobin). What a piece of work this guy is. When his daughter suddenly committed to play soccer for Yale, all of us other fathers raised our eyebrows because this girl was the worst soccer player on the team. Barely got playing time, eventually got cut from the club team. Definitely not a D1 soccer player. We figured he donated $1M and she gets to go to Yale. Little did we know he and his friends were coming up with Athletic profiles for all their kids to all the schools. Why go through the fraud?!? Just donate $1M to the school, get your daughter in, and let the school use the $1M to bring in deserving and underprivileged kids. Everyone wins that way. And yeah this 2 idiot bimbos would have been bullied and deservedly so.

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    1. Times noted the source for the unraveling was the one whose child was slotted to be picked up by Yale. According to their report (from the WSJ) that guy whom you state is ‘Morrie Tobin’ had a major securities charge that he was facing and his move was to offer something a bit more interesting – voila.

      Singer was ‘outted’ this past October but he leaked his ‘getting found out’ to a few of his ‘clients’ which resulted in his getting an additional obstruction of justice charge rammed up his back end.

      Now the biggest looming grenade is all those high end high schools ‘counselors’ – i.e. who lead the desperate parents to Singer?


  5. These people put the blame/onus to withdraw on the USC student body rather than on the crooked parents where 100% of the fault belongs.

    These scumbag parents can’t even do the right thing without further demonstrating their arrogance and elitism.

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    1. It’s also called tax fraud. As Leona Helmsley used to say, ” we don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes.” These people are getting exactly what they deserve. And, the only way to take down the fraudsters at the university is to take down those who colluded and conspired with them.


  6. This will surely be on some lifetime movie special and have big ratings. This stuff just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I haven’t checked on any SC baseball until the other day and we are still “A Dan Hubbs Team” and it felt normal to be a loser of USC sports. Then I get a big group text message from all my brothers and some of our buddies and they are just having fun with this sarcastically and with true feelings how USC just continues to be the joke of the NCAA.

    Can opening day please hurry up and take the sting away called USC.


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