USC Morning Buzz: Privilege Knows No Limits

This is turning out to be a great week for Clay Helton.

Who is talking about football? No one. That’s what you want when you are incompetent.

Meanwhile, it looks like Donna Heinel was even running a side business for high school coaches, counselors and administrators and used the Galen Center for workshops.

Again, where was the oversight?

Everyone just seems to do what they want at USC. Just like Lynn Swann will go to an autograph show in a couple weeks and then head to the Masters golf tournament. And maybe Pat Haden will be there too.

Don’t you think Swann and Haden need to address which one went to the Masters in 2015 with Mossimo Giannulli, the father of Olivia Jade Giannulli, who just wanted to go to football games and party at USC?

Swann refused comment after USC defeated Arizona yesterday, just like he refuses to comment after football games.

  • You can charter Rick Caruso’s yacht for approximately $616,500 per week (plus expenses) in the summer and $525,000 per week (plus expenses) in the winter. Details here.
  • The first-class action lawsuit against the schools has been filed.

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Privilege Knows No Limits

    1. Who at USC has the authority to carry out the the house cleaning? Condemnation by USC administration and or the BOT will certainly lead to self incrimination.

      The solution to the problems that exist at USC, which are so widespread, won’t be an easy one to accept, but will have to be administered and carried out by law enforcement, whether it be at the federal, state and or local level.

      There is just too much corruption taking place at USC in order for the institution to be allowed to police itself.

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      1. I’m sure there is some statutory mechanism by which tuition payers could demand that the university be placed in receivership and run by an independent board —the problem is: who would select that board? California’s Attorney General? That might lead to a (much) bigger mess.

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      1. Maybe you’re right —but we need to be careful what we wish for here, gt…


  1. Well, it looks like the idea of fewer pressers (make that way, way fewer pressers) for Helton is going to start paying dividends……starting now. As for Swann, he cannot take the 5th and remain Athletic Director. At the VERY LEAST, he has to tell the Trojan faithful ASAP that he had absolutely no involvement in this growing scam —-and he needs to do this IN PERSON—-and looking directly into the eye of the camera. If he can’t do that —or if his lawyers tell him it would be unwise, given his involvement, to make any statements— then he should announce, in a cowardly press release, that he is “stepping down to spend more time with his family.”

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    1. See Scottie has picked up on the larger ramifications in play now (and like being the named litigant, this is going to become all-new, bigger and … better? no … “USC Scandal”)…

      How happy are the residents of Pennsylvania (that state apparently has more than William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and Hershey Chocolate going for it – the electorate by a 3-2 ration rejected having Swann in a position of authority…so “the rabble” was able to figure it out, all you “Chips, Skips, and Buffys”)?

      Think everyone can already make a fairly educated guess about what the answer is to the question you posed…this isn’t the first time a former player whose fortunes have fallen elsewhere has come home to partake of a gravy train…and while munching down noticed what the other pigs were tasting…

      But as with Helton being hired/retained…he didn’t hire himself…so as pointed out ad nauseum by others, this can’t be another case of the generals putting a mid-ranking officer and some Joes up for court martial…

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    2. MG, Thumbs up. It is completely unacceptable that he has not made a statement. A “proud Trojan”, as he calls himself, would not be ducking from a tough situation.

      I might go even a step further – resignation, even if he had no knowledge. After the previous sanctions, Swann’s number one responsibility by far was to run a clean program. He failed at this.

      There will be more people within athletics administration who did have knowledge of this. No way it could just be Heinel and the coaches.

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      1. Agreed. Swann has to (1) call a press conference immediately and categorically deny any involvement in or knowledge of these illicit schemes or (2) step down and hide behind lawyers for the rest of his natural life. As for Clay, if he dodges questions about his involvement with the standard “that’s a matter for our legal department”, he needs to go too. If he can’t even, at a bare minimum, say “I don’t want to comment beyond assuring everyone that I personally didn’t have any knowledge of these subterfuges”, he doesn’t deserve to be Head Coach of the USC Trojan Football Team.
        [And if, after the next practice, Clay says “I’ll only answer questions relating to USC football”, one of the beat reporters HAS to have the guts to ask “can you promise us, given what you know at the moment, there will continue to be a USC football program to ask questions ABOUT?”]……

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      2. Jake —Very funny. And I’m betting that’s all we’ll hear from Swann for a VERY long time. Scott needs to amend previous article to read “FINAL Swann Sighting!”

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      1. I know, Arturo. And it’s a shame. He doesn’t owe it to us…… he owes it to all the athletes he and his staff have recruited. They deserve to hear him say the words, “I’m only going to say this once and then I’m never going to comment on this matter again: I had no involvement in the actions that have brought so much disgrace on this school. Now, let’s talk football.”


  2. Flow: “The first-class action lawsuit,” or, ” The first class-action lawsuit?” Anyway, I went to USC to go to football games and party. Oh yeah, then there was that school thing…Either way, my blue-collar parents did not have any means in order to bribe USC for all that, and it was a good time.

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  3. At the very least the idiot interim president or the incompetent AD need to publically stand up in front of people and say, “We do not have all the facts yet, but we will get to the bottom of it. Those people in administration and in the student body that benefitted from this corrupt scandal will be removed from the university. We have terminated people on Tuesday and we will terminate more as our investigation unfolds. Those students that benefitted from this corruption will be allowed to finish the present term and will be required to move on to another campus.” At least say something. Show leadership

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  4. As a young boy, then teenager and even as an old hoot, I idolized SC sports and their leaders. I lead with my heart in thinking that all people like McKay, Robinson, the AD at that time, Boyd, and the rest were respectable leaders that cared about the kids, the school, and kicking ruin and the drunken irish ass. Now, there is no accountability to the school, no respect, and no one is watching out for the school. It seems everyone wants a piece of the money and it is what the coaches and the adm. can get out of it for their own selves. Swann should be ashamed for letting this happen. I am disgusted with SC and the non stop screwing up and cheating. They need to clean house and let Helton be the AD. he can’t be any worse than Swann, but at least he probably would be honest. Then Harrell can be head coach. You need honest people in there.

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    1. IF —and this is not a small IF —Helton can stand up at the end of the next spring practice and strongly deny involvement in any aspect of this mess (even though the USC Legal Department will tell him to keep his mouth shut) AND strongly condemn those who were involved —then, yes, your idea makes some sense. But (1) Helton won’t do that (I promise you) and (2) even if he did, we both know USC wouldn’t make the changes you suggest.


      1. Yes, gt. Disgusting abuse of power —by someone who patently didn’t need to further enrich himself or his family.
        MY first SERIOUS clue was when Prez Max responded to L. A. Times stories of our Medical School Dean being found with an overdosed student in a Pasadena Hotel with the statement, “these are the things that happen from time to time to quality professionals placed under a lot of pressure.”


    1. I have to say I really like where you’re going with this, tebow. So would Machiavelli. Hope it works. “Unite the weak against the strong.”

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  5. In other news…Clay Helton has come to the conclusion that winds forecasted over the next few days at the time of Trojan practices leaves him no choice but to remove the team from the field and adverse conditions in order that he may take and substitute this time to review tape on how well limited player involvement of said practices have gone so far.

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    1. Ha! Clay has probably already considered (and rejected) going with a statement just like that, tebow. But, upon further reflection, he’s decided on “To facilitate the new Air Raid offense I’ve installed, USC will now be conducting silent practices. In order to play fast, our team and coaches need to learn how to communicate without words. I ask that you respect us in this time of transition.”

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  6. GoTroy hit the homerun today on this topic – 10000% right….when there was no public dismissal of Haden as had been meted out to: Reggie Bush, Tim Floyd, Todd McNair all ‘shown the door’ by Haden – that’s when the corrupt rot began to seep out.

    To allow that patrician thieving ass anywhere near anything associated with the university is where I left as well. That ‘old boy network’ of the same that have staked out ‘squatters rights’ between Bovard and ‘Taper?’ at ‘homecoming’.

    Nikias had everything up for a price and whose to say some of the payolla didn’t move in his direction as well as a ‘bonus’ for ‘helping’


  7. This current scandal is so hypocritical as academically unqualified athletes have been getting into major universities for years upon years.


  8. Ok so I don’t like Swann either but let’s get REAL this Donna Heinel crap started long before Lynn Swann got hired. She didn’t just start doing her under handed shit, she’s being doing it and the woman who hired her (Carol Dougherty) surely must have known it. At lot has been seen by many who worked in USC Athletics and still work there. The word out is this is why Magdi Elshaway left so fast. Her had people working for him who would talk test for football players and buy them clothes. I believe she is still working there 😲. So to say that all this is on Lynn Swann.. Not really. They need to dig deeper. I’m just saying


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