Lynn Swann Sighting

USC athletic director Lynn Swann is at the Pac-12 Tournament and watched the Trojans’ victory over Arizona.

With an early 12 p.m. start, he still had time to play golf this afternoon if he wanted to.

By the way, maybe a reporter in Las Vegas can ask about this and clear up if it is Swann or Pat Haden.


UPDATED: Swann declined to answer questions on the college admissions scandal after the game.


41 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Sighting

  1. According to sources, Donna Heinel has turned and will plead guilty in exchange for lesser charges. She has also agreed to give up “dirt” on how high the scandal goes at southern cal. Sources indicate Lynn Swann and the ex-president Maxie was in the know.



      1. You may not like it but, those are the facts and they are irrefutable… You could bury your head in the sand all you like but the truth is, the train is coming and you’re standing on the track! Butthead!


      2. Linkster, suggest you have a gander at the info contained on

        Admittedly it’s a Bruin site, but the info is robust and mature, not anything like a retweet blast from Pusley’s Mother’s dirty, filthy basement.

        Donna Heinel is truly just the tip of the Iceberg. This time Linkster, Clown U has been busted for serious Federal crimes that feature ugly legal consequences.


    1. Just looking at this from a legal perspective, Alv, there are more stories to follow here than Scott has time (from the lawsuits waiting to be filed on behalf of aggrieved applicants to the lawsuits waiting to be filed by soon-to-be kicked out students) —but I’m wondering about a couple of other things entirely: how does the enthusiastic and talented Graham Harrell feel about choosing USC right now? Did Kingsbury have a whiff of what was on the way?


  2. Two days before the Ides of March and USC is looking down the barrel of a 12 gauge. The players do not deserve this. Somehow, this seems like it was Haden’s passive aggressive way of getting back at the NCAA: In the midst of sanctions that crippled our football team, we kook up some bribery admission scheme and show them who the real boss is. The only question that remains is who plays the part of Brutus? Haden? Swann? Nikias?


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    1. Arturo —You’re one of the first people to say “the players do not deserve this.” I commend you for that. None of our players deserve to be caught up in something like this —-something for which they played no role and for which bear no responsibility. Moving on —if Swann of Helton knew or should have known about this thing, it will be the end of them. When this story broke, I was hoping that Helton’s part was that of the totally clueless mother in “Bling Ring.” Now I’m not so sure. [And the quote attributed to Swann is beyond problematic].

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      1. Thanks, Michael. What doesnt add up to me is how these 3 applicants could ever enroll in school as football players- as walk- ons or preferred walk-ons. Granted, I dont know all of the walk-on players on the roster, but how could there be a roster spot with no actual player there. Reminds me of Shawshank Redemption. So, who ends up as Andy Dufresne, the lead prison guard or the guy who blows his head off when they come for him?

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      2. Arturo —Maybe these headlines will help answer your question: “Clay Helton seen running from Hertage Hall crying like a little girl when detectives show up to conduct routine questioning” —“Later, detectives blocked by what they described as dead weight from opening door to Athletic Director’s office” …….


  3. It’s just a thought SUCCmeister’s, but I’m pretty sure if Clown U would offer Donnie Jr. a large cash package and the exclusive rights to build a Trump Tower on campus, Donnie Jr. would gladly accept the vacant post of bozo President.

    Just think, SUCCX would have access to four(4) ears for the price of two(2).


  4. Could Swann have kept Helton in employment because he knew he was too dumb to notice everyone getting paid off? This is going to be the death of all USC Athletics.

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    1. Believe it or not, at this juncture, that’s actually one of the the kinder deductions that can be made concerning why Swann kept Helton on….

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  5. Lynn Swann was brought in for fund raising. I don’t want to throw stones, but it would be assistant AD Steve Lopes who should have had oversight of budget issues. How could all that money have been infused into the athletic budget without knowing it? How could the fake athletes been hidden from the athletic department? The FBI caught the operatives not the accomplice administrators. But those on the inside may have even more information on who knew and, thus, the administration may not want to threaten their jobs. How could Haden have not known and he was a skilled attorney brought in to clean up the program?

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    1. Lopes’ kid had no talent as a Palos Verdes High School football player and then ends up at USC as a walk-on and later is given an athletic scholarship ? Why ? I think we all know the answer to that one. That guy came in the back door too. This FBI investigation needs to expand over to Ron Orr (Trojan Athletic Club) and Steve Lopes.


  6. Reign of Troy

    USC athletics doesn’t get to play the victim in admissions scandal
    by Alicia de Artola1 d ago
    It’s time for USC athletics to take responsibility for their involvement in recent scandals. The best way to clean up is by cleaning house.
    SPRING CAMP: Five Standouts in Week 1

    USC athletics wants you to know that they are the victim.

    On Tuesday, the university was linked to a massive college admissions scandal as water polo coach Jovan Vavic, athletics administrator Donna Heinel and two former women’s soccer coaches, Ali Khosroshahin and Laura Janke, were indicted for conspiracy to commit racketeering.

    DETAILS: USC athletics coaches, admin falsified documents, accepted bribes

    USC released two statements in response. The first, sent from the USC Athletics Twitter account, said all the things you would expect including the assertion that “USC has not been accused of any wrongdoing.”

    “We understand that the government believes that illegal activity was carried out by individuals who went to great lengths to conceal their actions from the university,” the statement continued.

    A statement from interim president Dr. Wanda Austin hit on similar themes:

    CHECK OUT: JT Daniels has 13th-best Heisman odds

    “The federal government has alleged that USC is a victim in a scheme perpetrated against the university…”

    “The government has repeatedly informed us that it views USC as a victim and that these employees purposefully deceived USC…”

    “It is immensely disappointing that individuals would abuse their position at the university in this way…”

    TRENDING: Oddsmakers project 8.5 wins for USC in 2019

    It’s no surprise to see USC take this approach. It’s not an inaccurate one. But it’s also missing the point.

    If you hire a financial planner to take care of your money and you get burned. Ok, you’re the victim.

    Later, if you hire a second financial planner and they too burn you? You don’t get to play the victim. An outsider could rightly observe that you are either in on the scam or you’re incompetent. Neither is acceptable.

    That is where USC athletics finds itself this week. This is not the only scandal to hit the athletics department in recent memory. This is also not the first scandal to embroil the university at large.

    Men’s Reign of Troy Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
    Buy Now!
    Men’s Reign of Troy Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
    SEE ALSO: USC has the right priorities for Spring Camp

    Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane with the various scandals and embarrassments that have plagued USC, in athletics and elsewhere:

    2010 — USC self-sanctions basketball over O.J. Mayo improper benefits scandal
    2010 — NCAA hits USC football with sanctions for “lack of institutional control”
    2012 — USC fined by Pac-12 for game manager deflating footballs
    2013 — Athletic director Pat Haden fires Lane Kiffin “on the tarmac”
    2014 — After story of “heroism” exposed as fake, Josh Shaw suspended
    2015 — Bryce Dixon’s expulsion over “affirmative consent” stayed by court
    2015 — Haden fires Steve Sarkisian after string of alcohol-related incidents
    2016 — MFA students drop out en mass in protest of funding, faculty departures
    2017 — Matt Boermeester dismissed over controversial domestic dispute
    2017 — Investigation reveals misconduct of resigned medical school dean
    2017 — FBI probe results in arrest of assistant basketball coach
    2017 — New medical school dean ousted after sexual harassment disclosed
    2018 — Investigation unveils accusations of misconduct by USC gynecologist
    2018 — USC president steps down amid pressure from professors
    2018 — Bubba Bolden suspended over controversial student conduct issue
    2018 — Major donors protest the ouster of USC business school dean
    2019 — Board of Trustees hold emergency meeting over leadership infighting
    2019 — College admissions scandal leads to arrest of four connected to USC

    The Trojans have either fostered an environment in which crooks can thrive. Or they’re incompetent for allowing so many to take advantage.


      1. MG (and Big Bear & Co.) – Was just listening to the WSJ Potomac Watch pod…they devoted about 10 minutes to discussing…the admonition you’ve stated here did not escape their attention either [how this contains a rather remarkable merging of political extremes…and that on one side the case teed up (another person who, by choice or otherwise, got away while the getting was good) for the US SC involving discriminatory admissions practices, and all of the ramifications therein]…in addition to suggesting that anyone paying $500K to get their kid into USC was misguided, they did at least give some by-name shout-outs to Stanford (Radcliffe, in Coach McKay’s parlance), as well as the Ivies…poison or otherwise…


    1. USC deserves the NCAA Death Penalty. It cannot come fast enough. All these pretenders in position of power who treated this place like it was there little fiefdom.


  7. Mike’s Reply

    Ok. But do we have an EJ?
    Absolutely not, must have been thinking of E. J. Simers.



  8. How is Thug U aka ruinville doing with their cheating, lying, and corruption in dealing with this situation? Are they in hot water as well? They should be for all the cheetin’ going on for the last 50 years.


  9. Instead of talking about spring football and the newest recruits. We are talking about this disgusting scandal that has ruined the brand of USC, and not a peep from the BOT, the idiot president, or the incompetent AD. Where is the leadership ?!?! Gomer looks the best in all of this because he was probably clueless to it all. I do not want the death penalty (SMU has never been the same), but I do want someone to clean house (president of BOT, idiot interim president, and incompetent AD) because no one associated with USC is doing what is needed.


  10. In all honesty sadly true…. All of the criminals that were instrumental in tarnishing the great higher learning institutions of this country are running like rats they are. I joke around a lot in this blog but seems as though schools mentioned (Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, Wake Forest, University of Texas, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC ECT.) Are all about to take a big bite out of this huge mess. The information says Singer and Hiniel are naming higher-ups in the school… This is state of today’s America!

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  11. Ted,

    I hate myself for doing this, but I agree with you. 50-60 years ago, you had mostly honest and accountable people running organizations. Now, with the self absorption of greed, everyone wants a piece of the money while no one is managing the organization. Thank you sir.


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